10 Health Benefits of Coconut

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Truly, health is wealth and a healthy body always goes with a healthy mind. This is because it would be a sort of imbalance to be in the right state of mind while the body remains malnourished.

How would you like to save up enough money by merely harnessing the health benefits of product of this tree of life called coconut to spend your years in good health? That would be pretty epic, right? Well, this is absolutely possible, and in today’s article, I am going to show you how you can do this. Instead of the usual habit of spending money on medical check-ups and buying of pharmaceutical products, you can still enjoy impressive health benefits just by using oil from coconut. It no longer has to be by the usual regular visit to a doctor or by spending thousands of dollars with your credit card on lots of pharmaceutical products either.


Sounds good? Let’s get to it.


Background Information

Speaking from a botanical point of view, coconut is a fruit of the coconut palm that has  a fibrous shell or husk surrounding a large seed with a white flesh and a fluid-filled central cavity. However when using loose definitions, coconut can be all three; a fruit, a nut, and a seed belonging to the fat and oil category in nutritive terms.

Coconut is a tropical plant that belongs to the monocot subspecies. It has fronds that are similar to those of a palm tree. In many parts of the world, such as in African countries, the coconut tree is completely useful. All parts of the plant, from the tree’s fronds down to the fibrous roots of the plant.

Although the white coconut meat is a tasty food, and a delight to both food lovers and nutritionists, it is its oil content that is of importance to us. This oil has a plethora of importance both in the health sector and beyond. But in this article, we will examine its health benefits in particular.


Coconut products including coconut flesh also known as coconut meat, coconut fruit, coconut water, coconut oil, and coconut cream-each deliver excellent health benefits all contributing to the overall benefits derivable from coconut palm. Let us now look at the top health benefits of coconut oil.


1.It Has Antioxidant Properties

Antioxidants in nutrition are a group of vitamins that acts against the effects of free radicals. Too much free radicals in the body is no good at all as it can lead to the development of severe diseases like diabetes and hypertension. The possibility of dying from each of these diseases is also there.

Coconut water is a natural source of this antioxidants, which are very useful in mopping up free radicals and various toxins naturally produced in the body. In many places in Africa, especially in sub-saharan African countries like Nigeria, coconut oil and water remains a powerful antioxidant and neutralizer.

In the event of overdosing on drugs or getting bitten by any venomous reptile, coconut oil which is readily available in its water is administered. Additionally, individuals concerned  get to eat the meat so as to get the most of its oil.


2. It Helps in Warding Off Wrinkles

There is a reason most cosmetic products out there brandish the picture of coconut on the label or packaging of their product. I believe you must have come across the picture of coconut on the package of a body lotion, hair cream, aftershave, perfume or body spray. This is because coconut oil is very vital and effective in giving people the feeling of youth.

The best skin product one can use to achieve a flawless skin is possibly coconut cream as it actually replenishes the skin giving it a more youthful and healthy glow. Coconut cream gives the skin a subtle allure that captivates as it helps to heal dry skin. The good news here is that there are many ways this amazing benefit can be obtained from coconut even without one having to buy the many expensive cosmetic products which contain coconut oil.

3. It Improves Digestion

With the exponential increase in the production of genetically modified food, there is no warning what health challenges that lie ahead of humans. However, we need not to wait till the future to know that some of these unnatural substances could cause us harm. We already have some problems on our hands to deal with, and one such problem is poor digestion.


Considered one of the safest and best oil to use for cooking, coconut oil offers optimum health benefits to the body unlike other fats and oils that we typically use for cooking and baking as it lowers cholesterol levels, does not clog our arteries and does not cause skin sag. If you have used nothing other than olive oil to prepare your meals all your life, you just need to check out the amazing coconut oil. It has a whole lot to offer both in terms of the taste it gives your meals, and the nutritional and health benefits it brings to your body.

Beyond its anti-indigestion properties, coconut water, on the other hand is a powerful cure for digestive tract diseases like gastroenteritis and diarrhea. It is also known to reduce emesis and flatulent bowls.

4. Remains a Great Source of Energy

From previous knowledge, we understand that fats and oil contains more joules of energy than carbohydrates of the same quantity. However, coconut oil contains much more energy giving compounds than the average oil.

Recent studies have proven that the type of fat present in coconut meat are medium chain triglycerides[known as MCTs], which contrasts to the idea that they are made up of highly saturated fats. Hence, when you consume a coconut meat, the MCTs that it contains are conveyed from the gastrointestinal tract to the liver where it is converted into fuel in the form of ketone bodies which show a potential as an alternative energy substrate for the brain in lieu of glucose which is the energy currency of the entire body.


5. Useful in Treatment Of Neurological Disorders

We have already discussed the MCTs which coconut oil contains especially as it relates to providing energy for the body. Let us now consider its role in managing neurological conditions.

MCTS present in coconut meat whose end product are ketone bodies potentially offer a dietary therapeutic approach to assuage the symptoms and possibly allay the onset of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease in that individuals with these degenerative neurological disorders often have impaired glucose metabolism further contributing to the progression of the disease. Therefore consuming MCTs elevate the body’s ketone level which invariably impedes the progression of neurological diseases owing to impaired glucose metabolism by the brain as starving the brain of glucose leads to typical Alzheimer’s disease symptoms such as memory loss.

6. Helps in the Treatment Of Cardiovascular Diseases

Consuming coconut products such as coconut meat and coconut oil is known to significantly reduce the occurrence of heart diseases as well as stroke owing to its numerous vitamins; A and E, polyphenols and phytosterol which act together to decrease the levels of low density lipoprotein[LDL]otherwise known as bad cholesterol, high levels of which have been implicated as a risk factor in many cardiovascular disorders such as atherosclerosis. If, as a senior, you must consume oil, let that oil be coconut oil which is good for the body.


7. Helps in the Prevention Of Abdominal Obesity

It is worthy of note that the fatty acids, specifically MCTs in coconut oil helps to curb  appetite and subsequent food intake and as such presents as a promising dietary therapeutic approach to abdominal obesity in women as well as in men.

For individuals already in the obese state or categorized as overweight who desire weight loss to stay fit, there is good news as the consumption of coconut oil has an added benefit of improving energy expenditure thus, making the body more efficient at burning fats.

8. Helps in the Treatment of Dental Diseases

You may want to wonder how coconut oil helps in the management of dental diseases but the truth is that it really does. Coconut oil as a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent have been found useful in the management of dental diseases such as halitosis[bad breath] and gingivitis[swollen gums] as well as the maintenance of overall oral health of an individual essential for healthy living. It has also found application in mouthwashes for maintaining fresh breath and healthy gums.


9. Important in Hair Treatment

This apparently looks like a cosmetic benefit of coconut oil but there is actually a health undertone to it. For the most ladies looking to maintain a great hair, coconut oil is the answer to your numerous worries about a glowing and dandruff free hair as it  can be employed just like any other beauty enhancement product in the prevention of hair damage and so can be used as a hair grooming product.

10. Alternative for Intravenous Infusion

At this point, it is legitimate to believe that the coconut plant is one of nature’s reserves of free medicine. Coconut water or coconut juice has significant electrolyte content and also completely pure and sterile as it takes almost nine months for a coconut to purify every quart of water stored inside its shell thus, making it a suitable replacement for human blood plasma in cases of blood transfusion. Little wonder, it was employed during world war 11 for treating British and Japanese patients in an emergency due to unavailability of plasma or medical saline in the war torn areas.

You have just read about the medicinal attributes of coconut palm and its products and be rest assured that you that you will blossom in luxurious health benefits of this plant as you tap into these numerous health benefits of these wonder tree. The most simple and apparently obvious way to achieve this is to eat coconuts. But then, there is a possibility that you live in an environment that doesn’t have any or as many coconut trees as available in the tropical countries. If so, consume more of coconut oil supplements which you can obtain from your pharmacy. Lastly, you can cook with this great oil.

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