10 Proven Health Benefits of Kefir

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If you are conscious of your health then kefir should not be new to you because of its similarity to yogurt. The kefir drink has been gaining wide attention by people who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle due to the essence it brings to human health and other benefits that follow. Kefir is coined out from kefir grains and it is super rich in beneficial bacteria (probiotics), yeast sugar, lipids and protein.

The health benefits of this creamy food is in vast areas some of which includes; good effect on the digestive system, structuring of the bone, anti-bacterial prowess, immune system booster, its correction on allergies and asthma and others. As we go further in this text we will see that at the end of the day it’s a meal you will like to add into your everyday diet to have a healthy life.

Kefir is one of the dairy products with the uniqueness of its probiotic content, kefir also boast of its healing nature which has been confirmed by researchers as one of the essential meal not to be avoided to have a great and healthy lifestyle. This diet is not just a new discovery as it is been in existence way back and has been used as a source of medicine to cure some specific types of conditions.

We will be looking at its health benefits and its effectiveness on human health after consumption and why it’s the best choice of meal to adopt. So let’s go ahead to explore kefir health benefits.


Kefir’s Health Benefits

Firstly, there is a need to know that kefir is made from cow’s or goat’s milk, and it becomes a meal after adding its grains to milk. Another point we have to get is also the fact that kefir grains are not like a typical grains, their cauliflower appearance are due to the culture of yeast and lactic acid bacteria and this is where its grains content are made, this culture can be for at least a period of 24 hours or 48 hours, the microorganisms present in kefir grains will multiply leading to the fermentation process that act on the sugar in the milk thus, turning the whole procedure into kefir, the point here is that kefir remains the drink and kefir grains are used in the production of the drink.

1.Kefir guard against Cancer

Cancer which is one of the dreaded ailment in the world, as we know is a result of tumors in the body system due to the abnormal growth of cells. According to research the consumption of fermented food product is said to inhibit tumors (cancerous) in the body through the reduction of carcinogenic compounds formation and making the immune system a stronghold. According to research when compared with other fermented drink  such as yogurt, kefir reduces breast cancer cells by more than 50% in humans 56% precisely, and this is above the percentage that the yogurt can reduce which is 14% . Again we can see that we can’t compare both drinks in terms of their effect on this deadly ailment. Furthermore, research and studies on animals such as  mice indicate that kefir inhibit the process entirely. So, to have a healthy lifestyle with this regard and to be sure that we are doing the right thing to curb or eradicate this ailment, we should go for kefir drinks to boost not only our immune system but also to make us save  from the above average percentage of having cancer.

2.Kefir improves our Immunity standard

It is not about taking antibiotics when we’re down with sickness, we can go by the way of kefir, drink kefir and you can be sure of protection against all kinds of infection. Research proves that kefir protect against infection and this doesn’t end there as research also shows that probiotics work in a more better and effective way than antibiotics in the elimination of infections as well as finding solutions to symptoms. Since our immune system is improved we can be sure of having a balance health life without any compromise coming to our mind. Kefir will help build confidence and will protect us from various kind of infection. Add this to your diet and it will surely directed you on the good side of the road, as they say: “ Health is Wealth”.

3.Bone Formation

Kefir is rich with essential minerals that are needed by the bone to function properly, the minerals are mainly magnesium and calcium, according to research kefir reduces risk for osteoporosis and increases the absorption of these bone building essential minerals that are mentioned above.

Since this ailment (osteoporosis) is common amidst people above 60 years of age and can lead to fracture,  kefir should be included in their diet to break through this barrier and make life worth living for this group of people most especially the women, this is because of its rich calcium content which is a very essential mineral needed in the body for a perfect bone structuring.

In addition, this drink contained vitamin K2 which can also serve as a supplement for calcium and it has been proven that the risk of fracture is reduced by 81% with this nutrient, further studies show that its calcium absorption of the cells present in bones will improve bone density which is another factor to consider when looking at it from the fracture perspective.

4.Kefir help to curb digestive problems

One of the main area in which we can explore the benefits of kefir is its effect on digestive system in terms of balancing the guts bacteria and probiotics.  Kefir is the best to put the bacteria in the gut in an equilibrium state providing a great ecosystem in the gut.

Since we know the part that the probiotic plays in curing digestive problems, therefore, it’s okay to consume kefir to help balance this part of the body system because it can bring sanity to the whole existence of human. Kefir can curb different nature of diarrhea and will absolutely help us to have a healthy digestive system.

5.Effect on Asthma and Allergies

Kefir has been shown to have a positive effect on this two issues which is asthma and allergies according to research kefir has a strong anti-inflammatory makeup that help to prevent asthma, also people with a very sensitive immune system that react to their environment in a bad way can use kefir to suppress such reaction, with immediate correction of this inflammatory responses it will help to reduce the risk of asthma.

6.The drink for lactose intolerance group

As we have stated earlier when discussing the kefir content, the milk has undergone fermentation process and this can help individuals that are not lactose tolerant, you need to understand that fermentation entirely changes the content of food and in the case of kefir the milk fermentation is not different, the drink is very low in lactose.

This may be very hard for you to do but you can gradually incorporate lactose in your diet in a very slow process and with your consistency it will improve your lactose absorption.

I developed a pattern to go by this which you can try. if you are intolerant to lactose then you can put a drop of kefir on any part of your body let’s say your arms as an example then you can wait for about a day to see if you will have any inflammatory reaction so, if it doesn’t have any effects then it  will be safe for you to drink it.

7.Detoxification Effect

Our environment is full of Mutagens which can change or alter human DNA. Also aflatoxins are not exception as they are toxin that can be found in nuts, vegetables oils and others. This can cause allergies and can reduce the standard of the immune system and all this are caused by the action of mold.

So, because of the rich content of kefir (lactic acid and essential bacteria) this inhibit aflatoxins and funguses by so doing and instead helping to have a healthy gene that will also have an effect on the next generation, we can see that its effect doesn’t only deal with us at the present but also in the future generations.

8.Kefir is more potent than any other fermented product

When compared to other fermented product like yogurt we can see according to research that kefir contain more strains of both yeast and bacteria making it as their edge against other fermented product and thus making it a rich source of probiotic. The probiotic influence our health in many positive ways ranging from weight maintenance, proper functioning of the brain and digestion.

9.Kefir contain a great source of nutrients

Kefir which is originally made through the use of cow’s milk or goat’s milk and the action of the lactic acid and bacteria has change the lactose present in the milk to lactic acid giving its sour taste just like yogurt. Kefir contains the following nutritional facts at 175 ml serving;

6grams of protein

20% of calcium

20% of phosphorus

14% of vitamin B12

19% of riboflavin

5% of magnesium

Vitamin D

This are the essentials nutrient that can be found in kefir.

10.Kefir is the best drink for you to take

Kefir is very easy to make and depending on your choice there are different varieties of the said drink which you can choose depending on the taste or type you want that will suit your body system. We have the milk kefir and the water kefir, we already know what the milk entails. The water is made from sugary water and coconut water and it does not contain any dairy product, there maybe different type of kefir through the procedure in making them but still the benefits remain the same and still serve the same function in the body.

If you have any health related issue and you are not sure of this drink you can visit a medical expert to guide you through this.

A healthy meal which you can add to your diet everyday and can give you the essential nutritional requirement of the body, it’s advisable that  you take kefir, to replenish the nutrients and cure the necessary issues in our body system.

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