15 Healthiest Foods

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For every desired good health it comes with good diet, but we eat a whole lot of things with little or no consideration of our health. As a matter of fact, every food ingested has either a positive or negative influence on our body system in terms of a low cholesterol level or high cholesterol level, heart failures or a healthy heart, different types of diabetes, and a whole lot of negative influence or positive one, whatever might be the case on our body system.

It’s high time each person has to see every food consume as an advantage to boost our health status, there are lots of benefit one can derive from eating natural diet meal and this in return will have a whole positive impact on our health.

healthiest foods


The Importance of Having a Healthy Body

We won’t ignore the fact that there are lots of diet books out there, online classes, products, etc. that are designed to help actualize a healthy diet, weight loss approach and the likes.

The situation becomes confusing when choosing which diet is the best to follow or worsened when you try a whole lot of recipes or diet without getting any positive impact on different product tried. After dedicating your time to low carb, low fat, vegan, atkins and other diet programs but you don’t know which is right.

But then all this diet is not for all, your current health status or your current situation will determine the kind of diet that will work for you, it becomes more interesting if you have all the resources and time required to follow this programs.


What Are The Things To Do?

There are so many principles to follow and these guides are very simple to adhere to, some of the basic things to eat are highlighted below

  • Consume fresh foods or fruits in a natural state as possible.
  • All classes of food should be considered when preparing a meal.
  • Vegetable and fruits should be consumed on a regular basis or eaten in the most organic way.
  • Are you interested in products made from animal, it’s advisable you go for grass-fed, free range organic and wild animal product.
  • Avoid foods and certain meal that  you are allergic to.
  • Processed food materials, genetically modified food substance, food contaminated by pesticides of insecticides should be avoided at all cost.

The answer to good health is that the food we eat must further boost our immune system to give our body a  renewed vitality health status. There is a need for an individual to consume foods that contain all classes of foods in an adequate form and avoid excessive intake of the classes of foods. Also fruits and vegetable should be incorporated in every diet.

The world’s Healthiest Foods That is Recommended For Consumption


We all know the influence that omega-3 have on the body system, this fish which have been recommended by health expert is gaining prominence because of its unique health benefits that other fish doesn’t have. It is very rich in protein and help to build up muscle tissue, help in effective circulation of the blood without leaving the proper functioning of the heart out of its amazing benefits. To get all the essentials needed from salmon it is lot better to get a wild salmon from the sea rather than going for a farm raised salmon. Both are good but the wild is preferable.

Product that are obtained from Grass Fed and Free Range Animals

What makes these products different from others is the way in which the animals are fed, the animals goes for organic foods like the greens and other natural foods that has not been contaminated with any artificial substance to aid their growth, talking about fertilizers used to boost the growth of crops. Also,  either we are going for the meat, butter, eggs of these animals, they are good for the health because the bad fats are excluded from their makeup leaving the good fat to dominate and apart from this,  they are rich in antioxidant like the beta-carotene and vitamin E and C. As mentioned earlier, they do not contain any other artificial substances in their makeup like antibiotics, hormones and other minerals that are incorporated in crops to make them rich in content.

world's Healthiest Foods


A vegetable that was known for its ability to stimulate sexual desire (aphrodisiac) in the ancient times. It’s not new what this succulent vegetable can input into the body system, asparagus has been confirmed to be high in nutrient to effect an anti-inflammatory action, the nutrient is not restricted to that alone as it also include the antioxidant effect which includes vitamin C, E, K, beta-carotene. The minerals that can be found in asparagus include, manganese, selenium and zinc, now you are sure your vegetable is in a balance state in terms of mineral, vitamins and other requirement needed for improving health status.

The vegetable help insulin to perform at maximum level which is to transport glucose because of its chromium content( trace mineral), an amino acid is also present called asparagine which is also needed in the body system to remove excess salt. Adequate and repeated consumption of asparagus help to fight and have a protective measure against cancer because it contains glutathione that is a detoxifying compound which function is to destroy carcinogens.


Still on the vegetable family, broccoli content contain the standard intake of protein, vitamins which include A, C, E, K, B6, Folate and minerals which include potassium, manganese, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, selenium. It also contain thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid soluble fiber and insoluble fiber in its make-up.

The fiber which is essential in your digestive system, the vitamins which work together to boost the body’s metabolic rate including the action of vitamin C on the immune system. All this work together for the greater benefit of the body system and leaving the health aspect with no side effects.

The world's Healthiest Foods That is Recommended For Consumption


Seaweeds in order not to make this sound awful, it can also be referred to as sea vegetables they include kelp, wakame, nori and others. They have 10 times the nutrient found in land vegetables, they are rich in minerals which can easily be assimilated in the blood. They exist in two forms (the minerals) chelated and colloidal pattern or form leading them to be effective in proper functioning of the body.

This meal should be consumed adequately that is in moderate proportion so that the minerals which include calcium, iodine and iron can be in proper amount in the body system. But people with iodine problem should be careful ( sensitive thyroid) consuming it because of its negative effect if taken in excess.


When talking about greens, it’s the leafy greens. greens are the best natural food we can derive benefits from. Examples include; beet greens, arugula, chards, spinach and the likes. They have  high chlorophyll content which are responsible for antioxidant effect, contain vitamins E and C, fiber and amino acid, they are best consumed raw because none of its nutritional value has been tampered with. They can be made into different variety of food as much as like them to be but the concentration still remains and still relevant in the body system.

Sprouted seeds

They are said to be high in phytonutrients, chlorophyll which function as an antioxidants. They help to make digestion more easy and allow for the entry of food materials into the bloodstream.

Sprouted seeds process involve the activation of food enzymes, nutrient, minerals and vitamins that cannot be compared with any other plants. Per each calorie served it contains greater amount of mineral than any other food grown.

The world's Healthiest Foods diet

Coconut products

Talking about the natural way to hydrate the body then coconut comes to the mind. Sport drinks or drinks that are design for the same purpose can’t stand the effect of coconut water when it comes to body hydration. Coconut oil, butter and milk help to lower the cholesterol level, boost the function of the brain and help proper functioning of the heart. Coconut sugar is a better alternative for regular sugar.

Fermented vegetables

Yogurt and kefir are examples of fermented products but here we are focusing on how to ferment your vegetable. To actualize this, you allow anything on the vegetable to take hold and be allowed to culture to speed up the activity you can use the starter culture to fast forward the fermentation process.

Why fermented vegetables? This is because they contain probiotics and enzymes which are essential for digestion because of their beneficial microbial content apart from its influence on the gut, it also help to boost the immune system. If you are having any ailment then you can surely contact your doctor for proper direction.


Nuts according to research can help to increase lifespan and also help to shed excess weight. Nuts are rich in fats (tree nuts) and protein level which are regarded as the building block of the body. They produce enough calories needed by the body to carry out daily activities.

Macadamia and pecan nuts are some of the recommended nuts for you as their content is closely related to olive which health benefits are of great value.



Herbs are of great value to the body system in terms of prevention of disease  and cure of harmful toxins in the body. Provisions of needed vitamins and minerals in the body is given by herbs.

Adding herbs and spices to your meal ensures you a healthy and balanced life that is free from different challenges. All herbs serve a medicinal purpose in ancient times and it’s still required in the present times.

Chia seeds

This is the meal for gluten sensitive patient, it contains more calcium than what can be found in milk, omega-3 which have antioxidant effect. It’s vitamins include A, B, D and E. Minerals consist of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, niacin, potassium, manganese to mention a few. They can be incorporated in soup and stew to serve as thickener, baking where it can substitute for egg and can also be used as a drink by adding it into your drink and continues stirring for proper mixture.


According to proper research raw milk from grass fed cow or organically raised cow are better than pasteurised milk, illness that can be traced to consumption of raw milk is very low to that of pasteurised milk.

Grass is a natural food for all grass feeding animals which cow is not excluded it’s only reasonable that you will get the best out of such cow that goes for natural food than cow fed with corn when in confinement.

milk belongs to world's Healthiest Foods

Kefir and yogurt

Mentioned earlier for its great fermentation benefits, which is the probiotic content which are beneficial to the gut and thus, have a great influence for easy digestion. It’s very easy to make and recommended to be taken in a daily basis because of its numerous health advantage.


This belongs also to world’s Healthiest Foods and should be in raw format when eaten because it helps to curb hypertension and osteoporosis, also according to research it helps to prevent the risk of different forms of cancer.

It also function as antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral as well as antiparasitic agent. For the best health benefits it must be consumed fresh.

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