What is Brown Rice Syrup?

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Among different types of sweeteners in Market nowadays, Brown Rice Syrup is probably one of the mostly used natural sweeteners in everyday life. Their use it not only in confectioneries, but also separately as a substitute for sugar or honey. Nevertheless, what is the substance of it? Is it harmful or useful for human body? How much can be its daily usage norm?



They make it from cooked brown rice by exposing it to enzymes that break down into smaller parts. At the end of the process, the impurities are filtered out and brown substance is left. The concentrated substance which  is already the Brown Rice Syrup ,consists of  Maltotriose (52%), Maltose (45%) and Glucose (3%). All three components become pure Glucose ( 100%) when they enter into human’s intestine.

Glucose is a type of sugar mainly found in fruits and is easily changed into energy by the human body. Glucose also known as grape or blood sugar is present in all major carbohydrates.

As compared to glucose, fructose is the main components in fruits, vegetables and honey. It has low Glycemic Index thus, is better for human body than glucose.


Is Brown Rice Syrup good or bad for you?         

In order to find out whether Brown Rice Syrup is good or bad for you,let us find out first what Glycemic Index does it contain?


Glycemic Index (GI) is a measure of how quickly foods raise blood sugar.

Glycemic index shows the effect that certain food has on a human’s glucose. Following your Glycemic Index perhaps is the easiest and actual way to follow human blood sugar level. That means, actually, that the foods with high Glycemic Index tend to rise glucose level and those with low Glycemic index make glucose level lower.

However, it is not necessary to have medical knowledge to understand the working principle of Glycemic Index and Glucose level.

This information is especially helpful for diabetic patients and for those who follow their diet (who are eager to prevent themselves from further diseases).

The Glycemic Index is measured by 0 to 100 scales system. The level of Glycemic Index not only depends on certain product but the amount of one’s daily usage.



As diabetes is one of the incurable and troubling diseases of 21th century, the importance of Glycemic Index knowledge doubles.

A concept  developed by Dr. David J. Jenkins in 1980 at the University of Toronto to find out which foods are best for people with diabetes.

According to his research, quickly and easily digestible foods are more likely to have a high Glycemic Index.

On the other hand, low digestible foods tend to have a low Glycemic Index.

Sometimes foods that have no carbohydrate content that is foods with no Glycemic Index can harm your body providing a high protein intake. For example, eating steak, up to 50% of the protein can be converted to glucose when there is little to no carbohydrate consumed with it.

There is a point of view among some group of people that having a breakfast of white bread and sugar-rich cereals can cause diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.


As compared to table sugar, which has Glycemic Index of 65, Brown Rice Syrup has Glycemic Index of 98 (according to the Sydney University GI database) almost as much as Glucose (100 %).

When you eat high Glycemic Index foods, blood sugar and insulin levels go up rapidly causing different kinds of diseases.


Another disastrous component found in Brown Rice Syrup is arsenic.

There are two types of arsenic in nature: organic and inorganic. The two types of it are harmful for human body but there is a point of view that organic arsenic has less harmful effect on human body.

Long-term exposure to inorganic arsenic mainly through food and water may lead to chronic arsenic poisoning.

The symptoms and signs caused by long- term exposure to inorganic arsenic differs between individuals, population groups and geographical areas.

Yet, not a single scientist even gave a name of disease caused by arsenic. There are no proofs but only facts. According to a doctor’s’ point of view, it is even more harmful for infants and toddlers.


Though Brown Rice Syrup is made from brown rice, it is still considered to be a concentrated product consequently, it is not still good for you.

Latest studies show that high level of arsenic cause cancer of lungs, bladder and skin.

Except from Glycemic Index of 98, Brown Rice Syrup has also high calories. One tablespoon of it has 55-75 calories, while sugar has just 48 calories. Being a high calorie sweetener it may cause to weight gain and fat belly.


Brown Rice Syrup Substitute

So, can sugar be substitute for it? Is there a better sweetener to use instead?

Sugar is a sweetener that is probably much used daily by humans daily. Average people cannot imagine their day without this sweetener, moreover most of them overuse it without knowing about the disastrous effect it can have on their health. Other group of people completely refuses to take even a teaspoon of it and even call it a “white poison” which kills humanity slowly. The latter have strong belief that sugar is the main and even the number one reason for all the diseases.


It adds calories, the so-called “empty calories” without nutrients. There are no proteins, vitamins and minerals in sugar. It can harm the body and increase the chance to develop obesity and heart disease. It is also very bad for teeth. That is why American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that average American limit their intake of added sugar to 5 teaspoons for women and 9 teaspoons for men.

As compared to Brown Rice Syrup, sugar is being less harmful but still it is.

That means you better try to find a better substitute for it.


Brown Rice Syrup vs Honey

Among the natural sweeteners well known to everyone, honey perhaps is the best substitute for all the other. Besides being a natural sweetener, it is also very good from the medical point of view.


Honey has been existing all around the world over the past 2500 years. It is a perfect substitute for other sweeteners being safe and beneficial for health. Honey is rich in vitamins, nutrients, pollen, vitamin C, Calcium, Iron and even a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. The latter prevents teeth and gums from various diseases and even cures already existing ones.

Honey contains about 69 % glucose and fructose. Having more calories than sugar, it still helps digesting the fat stored in your body at the same time giving a great source of energy to your body.

Due to its antibacterial properties, honey is a natural antiseptic.

That is why honey is also widely used in traditional medicine.


Is Brown Rice Syrup gluten free?

Before answering to the question whether Brown Rice Syrup is gluten free or not, let us understand what gluten is.

A gluten is composed of proteins which are natural substances found mostly in meat, eggs, fish, some vegetables, etc. Proteins are a great source of energy, they are rich in amino acids, and are very helpful for hair and nails. They keep hormones balanced; help with muscle building processes and provides high level of energy all day long. Foods that are rich in proteins is fish and meat. Gluten proteins have low nutritional and biological value.

Some of the cereal grains, being gluten free initially, may contain gluten during processing steps.


Consequently, Brown Rice Syrup, being a concentrated product, is more likely not to be a gluten-free. Nevertheless, here the technology of its processing is also important.

Whether Brown Rice Syrup is gluten free or not, one should consider the technology by which it is prepared. Actually, there are two kinds of enzymes, which are the key to differentiate whether Brown Rice Syrup is gluten free or not.

They say if barley enzymes are used then brown rice syrup is not gluten free. If fungal enzymes are used, the Brown Rice Syrup is gluten free.

However, it is difficult to be 100% sure, whether you buy gluten free product or not.

Moreover, it is rather difficult for a person to distinguish between useful and harmful products as it gives more stress than cure.


There are many controversial opinions about the benefits of Brown Rice Syrup. Some group of people keep on saying that it is better than sugar as it is completely fructose free; it has low Glycemic Index of 25 as compared to white sugar (64 GI). It is rich in various minerals and phosphor, and has a very low protein content. It is rich in B vitamins, which are good for hair and nails.

Some people say that it can be used in bakery instead of sugar and are completely content with their choice.

In this case, one should pay attention to the label of the product and try to choose a quality one.


On the other hand, one cannot follow diet all the time. As in its turn, long-term diet is also harmful for human body.

The only solution to this problem can be balanced food. Besides, one should have balance both mentally and physically. Therefore, if you cannot prevent yourself from high calorie food, at least you can burn it by your physical and mental activity. As yoga teachers glance: “Perfect Mind in Perfect Body”.

It is not a secret that healthy lifestyle contains not only healthy food and sugar-free diet, but also sports, mental balance and good mood.


Do not harm yourself with various diets, as it is impossible for a human being to follow and refuse himself of bad food. It may only break you mentally, keep you in stress and nothing more.

Just follow your body, try to listen to your body language carefully and understand it. Only with the help of your body signal, you can understand whether this or that kind of food is good for you or not. Every person is an individual who needs individual approach to his (her) body.

So, be careful while choosing what to eat and remember that health is a treasure you possess and it is easier to save than to find a cure for it.

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