Calories Per Day: The Daily Recommended Intake

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Health is wealth. Going by the way of a balanced diet, a man require 2500 kcal per day to go about his various activities, while a woman on the other hand requires 2000 kcal per day to go about her daily activities.

While their various views from the FDA and nutrition expert on the average intake to be consumed, the FDA proposed 2350 kcal per day after going through different survey to reach that conclusion, but nutrition expert reacted by saying that the benchmark is too high and it will encourage excess consumption, and also judging from the effect of saturated fat and sodium they propose a 2000 kcal per day. All this figures are still contrary to the standard consumption of calories by both men and women but the figure is crafted based on adult level and not restricted to a specific gender.


The values that is the calories per day consumption vary accordingly and some of the factors responsible for that include; age, height, activities involvement, weight, metabolism and others.


What are Calories?

Calories are a way of measuring the amount of energy contained in a food or drinks and how it affect your daily activities.

The amount of energy required of a person is based on the factors mentioned above but we will further look into how it might affect this factors.

Age: children still growing and teenagers in general will require more energy when compared to adult and there is no other reason than the activities they are involve in. These groups of individuals are hyper-active in nature.


Size: your weight and height determines how much energy you require, you may require more energy if you have much weight or height because the pace which some of your colleague will go with ease may require more energy for you to keep up at that certain pace.

Lifestyle: this is also a contributing factor because the activities you involve yourself in matters a lot and this is as a result of some of us been sedentary, lightly active, moderately active, very active and super active in nature.

Calories might also be needed in excess amount because of the chemicals produced in the body speaking about hormones (thyroid hormones). Also when we are down with illness the body requires a lot of calories to boost the immune system which will further push the body system to be at its peak.

To be able to ascertain the calories needed by your body system or to calculate the calories you are consuming, you can go online to check different calories counter web page or apps to make sure you are on the right track, this will go a long way to help achieve that which you are curious about.


Calories for Men and How to get the Best out of it

Here, will be discussing on how many calories is needed by man to reach its goal using different standards to categorize this topic.


To reach health and fitness men have to be careful on diet they go for, if you are determine to add weight or lose some, it matters a lot to count your calories because it gives you a sense that you are committed to a specific purpose.

It’s a fact that men consume more calories than female but this fact does not mean you should abuse it by going for a bunch of ice cream, there is still a need for you to consume healthy whole food to have a balanced healthy life. Protein, fruits, vegetable, healthy fats and others, should be incorporated in each meal consumed on a daily basis.


Grabbing a Snack

Men should learn to eat a nutrient packed meal for snacks instead of going for foods without calories that will leave them hungry again in a couple of hours.

Snacks like a whole grain bread with butter in moderate amount will go a long way to relieve that hunger and the stomach will be left full for a longer period of time, nuts in moderate amount are recommended and fruits is also a good way to keep the afternoon work going.


The body mass index put the body in a better position at 18.5 to 24.9 range, when your body weight is higher than that, then there is a need to shed some weight and when it’s lower than that, you need to add weight.

Men who wants to lose weight should take nothing less and more than 1800 kcal per day. The breakdown of foods are as follows; the meal consume on a daily basis should contain 450 calories and the snacks that follows everyday should also be in that range which is 450 calories. It’s interesting to know that the average calories present in your early morning coffee is in the range of 220-225 kcal and your tea if you preferred the tea is about 98 kcal. So, we have to be careful when trying to lose weight because before you know it your calorie intake exceeded the normal range it should be.

When going for exercise. Men should bear in mind that calorie intake is not the complete measure for losing weight, the right exercise will complete the process of weight loss.

Your target on a weekly basis should be about 1400-1800 calories burn. If you are the type that work vigorously during the week you should try to burn at least 400-600 calories per each working day and an amazing 1000-1200 on weekends through proper workout.


Are you planning to gain weight

Men actually don’t see weight gain as a problem in fact they worry less when gaining weight. Being underweight can pose a lot of threat and in return can be as a result of potential illness. To make sure you are not under any threat in terms of your health there is a need to see a physician to diagnose you of such.


Been that as it may be, to gain weight your calorie intake should be at 2200 kcal on a daily basis where 550 will be the calories needed in meal and the other 550 will be the calories needed when going for snacks to balance the calories requirement.


Calories for Women and How to get the Best out of it

Here we will be looking at how much calories you need in terms of health and fitness and your weight goals. As a woman, knowing the amount of calories to consume is essential, to lose or maintain weight, or adding a few more kilos, all that is required from you is your knowledge about calories which will be explain further as we go on in this article.

As a woman, there is a need for you to continue eating variety of healthy cooked food, as it will leave you satisfied and energized which will also give you the feeling of certainty that you’re doing the right process instead of feeling bad about yourself when consume less healthy foods.

Each meal as stated earlier should consist of protein, fruits, vegetable, whole grains and healthy fats because of their nutritional value and their tendency to make you fuller for a long period of time than foods without calories or suppressed/less calories from processed foods.


Grabbing a Snack

For Snacks,  a medium size banana with a punnet of strawberries is said to have about 150 calories. Other snacks can be incorporated like the whole grain bread with butter, cracker with cheese and the likes, all this meals contain calories in adequate amount, the former and later contain 135 calories respective.


Let’s not forget that men have the tendency to burn more calories than men because of their muscle and less fat. So men can consume more calories than women.


How to Burn Calories

Try to consume 1200 calories per day together with  daily exercise, if you can adhere to this then you are on your way to actualizing your weight loss dream.

Your target on a daily basis should be 400 to 800 calorie burn per daily exercise and an amazing 1000 calorie burn during the weekend.

As woman we have high expectation about a particular thing which is good because it shows we have a positive mind, but then calorie process is a steady one, so it’s very advisable and will serve as an advantage if you are patient to see the result.

Depending on your kg, you will shed about 0.5kg to 1.0kg  per week, like if you weigh less than 100kg then your weight loss will be in the range of 0.5kg to 1.5kg per week and so on.

Also women do have a scenario where they don’t progress  in shedding weight as they are supposed to,  you need not to worry as your calorie has reach a balance, which means your rate of exercise is now equal your rate of calorie intake. All you have to do in this case is  improving your diet and increase the level of your exercise.



When it seems the Weight is Creeping back

Because you at a certain level feel you are comfortable with yourself and you cut off your diet or exercise, as little or lenient you might be, it will mean a lot of things or effect to the body system because if it keeps changing over time and if not cautious, the weight might return.

If this is the case, then you can go back to your former dieting plan and stick to what your body system was accustomed to and make the best use of your body training period just follow the process mentioned earlier then there won’t be cause for alarm.

Now that we have known the benefits of calories in the body and the intake per day which we can adopt to reach a definite set goal, then we should go on our way to our success story as this will further boost our immunity in terms of health and fitness and also the weight loss process.

For more information about foods and their calorie content then visit web pages where these items are highlighted and for more information about your body requirement please visit a medical expert for assistance.

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