Ezekiel Bread and its Health Benefits

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Ezekiel bread which is known to have undergone traditional process of soaking, sprouting and baking which have been in existence for several ages, ezekiel bread is made using different types of legumes and grain, on a more factual note it’s  more than grains that make this bread healthy. Ezekiel bread doesn’t contain flour and made up of a mixture of legumes and grains. Legumes such as organic wheat, spelt, millet, soybeans, , barley and lentils (all sprouted). According to what we have discuss about traditional method in the processing of the Ezekiel bread we will be looking further into sprouting to get the full insight of what it is all about and why Ezekiel bread is different from any other bread while they both contain wheat as their nutritional make up.

All the grains and legumes that are essential in the makeup of Ezekiel bread are all grown organically and are allowed to sprout before undergoing process and finally mixed and baked before they give the finished product which is the bread. We won’t ignore the fact that these grains contain gluten and I think we know the implication of that already, so it’s advisable that patient whose diagnosed of celiac disease or patients who are gluten sensitive should abstain from consuming this product in order not to result into unwanted health challenges.

Unlike other breads that are made typically from flours and contain a whole lot of refined wheat, Ezekiel bread contain no flour and it is made up of grains and legumes as mentioned above where  every grain and legumes are grown organically and are sprouted as well. With all this combination Ezekiel bread is a complete source of protein to the body system and contain all the essential amino acid required, this of course is what you are getting from consuming a whole egg and a cup of milk daily. According to research you are getting a natural fiber (contained in the grains and legumes) in your diet when consuming Ezekiel bread making it a low glycemic food which make you fuller after eating so it can also be a source of weight loss as well. We are coming to that aspect as we go further in this text.

Also before we go ahead with the health benefits of the Ezekiel bread we will be looking at why it is essential that we consume this bread, in other words we will be looking at why the grains and legumes is sprouted. The Ezekiel bread is healthier to consume because of the sprouted grain which makes it an edge over other floured bread, it is not news that grains and other plant related product have negative effect on the lining of gut and this will have an adverse effect on the digestive system. Unsprouted grains are known to harbor anti-nutrients which hinder the nutrient used in the body, making minerals and vitamins to be irrelevant to the body.

Sprouting the grain and the legumes will reduce the anti-nutrient compounds contained in the food and will increase the nutritional content of the food thus leading to easy digestion of food. Now we know the importance of a sprout seed and its significance in our diet.


The health benefits of Ezekiel bread

The right choice for a good diet

The Ezekiel bread has so much advantage with regard to its health benefits, the more it is consumed the more you are on right track to shed some weight. To reduce weight you need to consume food with less calories but this changes occur steadily so has not to disrupt the body system, in order to have a body goal or probably you want to attain a certain weight or a particular body shape then you need to abstain from food with high calories (9 calories per gram) and this are paramount in foods containing high fats, carbohydrate and protein as well.

To reduce weight, there should be less consumption of these three classes of food. Actually the body require 2,000 calories consumption per day and this is for an adult, as an adult continue to age the less the calories required by the body and calories is basically the energy released by an individual. So for a quick weight loss and a healthy lifestyle it is required to eat a whole lot of Ezekiel bread let’s say about 25 slices per day. It’s essential you know that the body required a certain amount of calories so with your Ezekiel bread you can also consume other foods to meet up your daily calories requirement.

The Ezekiel bread covers the proper functioning of the Nervous System

It will interest you to know that one slice of Ezekiel bread contain about 5 grams of vitamin B1 where the daily requirement of this vitamin is just 1.5 mg, the role of vitamin B1 in the body system is to protect the nervous system, plays a significant role in the proper functioning of the muscle and the heart, when the vitamin B 1 is not adequate in the body it can lead to disease called beriberi and a disease which unable the patient  to process carbohydrate and fat which will result to different illness  like joint pain, loss of appetite, and others.

Now that we know how important the vitamin B1 in our body, it should be taken regularly to meet this requirement don’t forget that it helps to process carbohydrate, fats and alcohol. This attribute will also ease the mode of digestion in the body.

They help to maintain a healthy bone

Magnesium is responsible in the maintaining of dental health, bones, help in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrate and protein, also help in both contraction and relaxation of the muscle and help the body to maintain a perfect temperature. When the body is lacking magnesium then the body tap from the bone reserve and this may lead to reduction in bone growth leading to osteomalacia.

The grain and legumes nature decreases Anti-Nutrient

The sprouted grains are not entirely free from anti-nutrient but have lesser anti-nutrient contents; they contain some compounds that make them decrease the effect of anti-nutrient in the sprouted grains. It contain phytic acid which is contained in grains and other food substance, they prevent minerals like zinc, calcium, iron from being utilized by the body system thus, making these minerals irrelevant, so when the seed undergo sprouting it reduces the concentration of phytic acid in such grains. Aside the phytic effect there is also the presence of enzyme inhibitors in unsprouted seeds, this prevent the quick process of seed germination and will make the nutrient in them hard to be accessed.

Another benefit derived from sprouting seed is the ability to decrease the content of gluten in such seed and this will reduce its effect on people sensitive to gluten. Gluten are present in wheat, spelt, rye, barley and others. The Ezekiel bread is very easy to digest because of the anti-nutrient decrement making it more available to the body system in terms of nutritional value.


There are side effect attributed to wheat which is one of the main makeup of Ezekiel bread

Although the Ezekiel bread is an organic food, but it is also essential to note that it contains wheat which is the major ingredient in Ezekiel bread,  as a result of this, the wheat in this bread may still have some health challenges to some group of individuals, we will be discussing some of this issues below:

  • Wheat contains gluten which some group of individuals are rapidly respond to, which can lead to disrupt in the digestive system of these individuals, it also increases the permeability of the gut.
  • Wheat contain fiber which may lead to the deficiency of vitamin D. Its action on vitamin D is on a high level due to its fast burns on vitamin D.
  • Wheat also increases the cholesterol level which can lead to an increased level of heart disease.

This effect can’t be totally eradicated by sprouting but can reduce the level of this side effect, if you are not sensitive to gluten effect then Ezekiel bread is a smart choice for you and it is so much better and beneficial than other bread found in stores.


Nutritional value of Ezekiel bread

In this text we will be looking at the nutritional value of Ezekiel bread and its benefit to the body system, so we will be looking at a slice of the bread which weight 60 grams. What can you get from a slice of Ezekiel bread is in the nutritional fact below.

When consuming the Ezekiel bread you are getting

  1. 80 calories which signify the amount of calories needed by the body per a slice of bread
  2. 3 grams of fiber
  3. 80 mg of Potassium
  4. 75 mg of Sodium
  5. 4 grams of Protein
  6. Total Carbohydrates of 15 grams

From these nutritional facts, we can see the whole benefit that we can get from consuming a slice now compare to consuming about 25 slices of Ezekiel bread.

It is advisable to consume this type of bread (Ezekiel bread) than any other bread that is full of flour content and this in return will help to boost our health status and improve our immune system. But it is also necessary that when making changes from the type of diet we want to change to, it is essential that we do it not in a drastic format so as not to disorganized the digestive system and how the gut is lined.

For a healthy consumption of bread and satisfactory meal go for Ezekiel bread today and have a life full of nourishment in terms of healthy living. Ezekiel bread is known for its organic nature which makes it an edge to other bread in the contest. Going through various research we have come to conclude that Ezekiel bread is the best option for patient who need to be sure of what kind of meal or diet they want to adopt to get the healthy lifestyle they dream of, so go for Ezekiel bread today as it is simply the best and forget about the rest.

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