What is a Fat Metabolism Diet?

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Are you thinking of losing weight but can’t because the thought that you won’t eat as much as you like does not sit well with you? Does your love for food prevent you from adopting a diet that will see you lose the extra pounds?


A lot of people are in the same predicament. Their love for food is coming between them and a healthy loss of weight. This eventually makes them hopeless and then end up letting go and adding up pound after pound of fat on their bodies. Here is, however, a proven way in which you can lose weight, and still eat as much as you can. You do not even have to worry about calorie buildup.

This diet was developed by a food coach with a specialty in diet and nutrition, Haylie Pomroy. What Hailey did was to come up with a diet that would play with our metabolism in a way that will not only allow us to eat more but will absolutely allow us to lose weight in the process.

This ‘trickery’ is simple, yet so effective that it has been used by celebrities from Hollywood. Keeping track of the calories you take no longer applies with this diet plan. There is, however, the need to ensure that you are eating healthy foods for the plan to work.  It is also divided into three phases, with each phase bearing different kinds of whole healthy foods.

These foods are taken and rotated through the week for about a month. They are not hard to acquire as the approved foods are cheap, meaning this diet will not make a huge impact on your pocket. This makes it definitely easier to follow. Another thing that makes it the best is the fact that one will not have to deal with hunger.


Hunger and deprivation are some of the main reasons people do not follow their diet plans. In this diet plan, you will not have to deal with hunger because the diet needs you to eat as much as you can. So in other words, you will be changing your eating habits without necessarily going hungry.

As mentioned before, this diet plan is split into several phases. These phases decide which type of food you eat and when. They are three in number and are split according to the days of the week. These phases are divided as follows.

Phase one: which involves the first two days. During these two days, one is advised to take plenty of fruits and carbohydrates. This phase can be scheduled during Monday and Tuesday. It would be a lot easier to start on a Monday.

Phase two. This phase involves taking plenty of vegetables and proteins. It can be set every Wednesday and Thursday. 

Phase three. During this phase, you will be required to have all of the above foods as well as healthy oils and fats. This phase can be planned during Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  We are going to look at all these phases, breaking them down as seeing what is required for each phase.

This will happen over the oncoming weeks.


Why different foods?

As mentioned before, we are going to be playing with your metabolic rate. We want to achieve a fast metabolic rate so that the body can burn nutrients, use whatever it needs and pass the rest as heat energy.

Each kind of food will, therefore, target different hormones produced by the thyroid gland. The faster the thyroid works, the more metabolism takes place. Metabolism is aided by two hormones from the thyroid. These are the T3 and T4. What these hormones do is essentially increase the production of Adenosine triphosphate which acts as a source of energy in cellular reactions. This, in turn, results in the higher metabolism of the cells.

Phase One

Phase one is not only going to involve food, but it is also going to involve a lot of exercise. As a matter of fact, exercise should be part of your diet and every human’s lifestyle. We are also going to introduce carbohydrates and plenty of high sugars from fruits.

Phase one targets a gland that is located just above the kidneys called adrenal glands. The work of the adrenal glands is to release stress hormones. Now, when one is stressed, the body gets into a defensive mode and starts storing up fat as a mechanism to prepare it for the hard times that are coming. This is only a survival instinct. People tend to add weight during stressful times because once our bodies accumulate the fat; it needs to be burned out as a form of energy once things calm down.


Stress can come from anything.

So the trick is to make sure that the adrenal glands do not secrete the stress hormones. And we are going to achieve that by taking plenty of carbohydrates and high sugars. What these carbs and high sugars do is that they stimulate the pituitary gland. This gland is found in the brain and it secretes endorphins that help ‘soothe’ the body and relieve stress and anxiety.

This, therefore, puts the adrenal glands out of commission. Once there is no more stress and anxiety, the body does not store up fat and stays in a ‘happy state’ allowing fat to be metabolized to form energy. So basically, the body stops storing fat.

Vitamin B and C can are also introduced into the body.

  • Vitamin B basically stimulates the thyroid into burning fats, carbs, and proteins faster.
  • Vitamin C, on the other hand, helps in converting sugar into energy and therefore preventing it from being stored in the body.

During this stage, exercise is recommended because the body is at it’s most ‘peaceful’ and optimal state. 


Phase Two

Since we are losing weight, this second phase will see how we are going to use the fat stored in your body to produce energy by growing muscle.


During the second phase, one is supposed to eat proteins and vegetables. During this phase, the lean proteins that you ingest will provide the body with essential amino acids that will help the body develop muscle. The vegetables will simply help to break the proteins and releasing more amino acids.

The muscle is very demanding and it needs fuel to grow. This fuel is going to come from the stored fat that is now being metabolized at a very fast rate. At this point, the body is growing and energy is needed to provide the body with energy. Since you are not taking any carbohydrates during this phase, fat in your body gets burned out faster.

Exercise is also essential in this phase. The more you exercise a muscle, the more it grows and since we are aiming at growing muscles for a faster metabolic rate , then calisthenics and other forms of weight training are recommended. This helps in ripping the ‘fiber’ that covers the muscle. Once it is broken, the muscle heals and grows at the same time.

Vegetables also play a very important role in this phase. To start with, eating a lot of lean protein eventually raises the PH in your body. This is because protein such as beef and eggs are very acidic. You are not going to feel well with that much acidity in your system.

Vegetables such as cabbages and broccoli provide alkaline that levels the ph, making your body well balanced in terms of acidity. You can eat as many vegetables as you can as long as you are not the acidic type. A little research will reveal which vegetables are actually acidic and which ones are not.


Vegetables also stimulate the liver into releasing stored fat from the body for metabolism thus you start to see yourself losing weight gradually. Phase two is all about growing more muscle by eating proteins and eventually triggering faster metabolism of fat in your body.


Phase Three

You might have noticed that throughout the two previous phases there is no intake of fat. The body will notice as well and if this is not handled immediately, then it gets into stress mode and starts storing fat. The best thing to do at this point is to eat healthy fats, to keep the body from storing more fat.

Nuts, seeds, healthy oils, avocados, these are among the healthy fats that you are supposed to take. Not only do their relieve stress, but they also keep a hormone called Cortisol from being produced. This hormone is responsible for belly fat.


Exercise is also recommended at this stage. However, it is recommended that one should try some stress-relieving activities such as Yoga as well as massage, and sauna.  It is important to keep the body’s stress levels very low.

Fatty fish can also be eaten. Another is salmon which apart from containing antioxidants,it also has a lot of benefits for the body. Nutrients from healthy oils help you stay full longer as well as influence the feel of good hormone secretion so that you will feel more satisfied. It has also been noted that this phase increases one’s libido. This is probably from the happy hormone.

During phase three, carbs are eaten in very small quantities. This is because the body has to focus on the oils and fats. It so happened that Carbs are more easily digested than oils so the body might end up neglecting the oils in favor of carbohydrates. Carbs are kept low because the body still needs energy. They act as a booster to energy levels.


Problems encountered in Phase three

People who have been through other diet plans, or have problems with their thyroids might not see the desired effects fast. This, sometimes, happens because the metabolism is not at its optimum and needs to be checked.

The best thing in this situation is to talk to your doctor who will tell you the state of your hormones and how to move forward. In the event of a thyroid problem that requires medication, your doctor can be asked to check whether it is the dosage that is being problematic.

Fast metabolism diet has been tried and tested and a lot of people are benefiting from it. The idea of losing weight while you still eat as much as you want is almost like a dream come true for those who want to undergo a strict diet.


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