How to Gain Weight Fast

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There are several ways for someone to gain weight in a healthy way. How to Gain Weight Fast is here because it is especially useful for those who have a very fast metabolism, those who have eating disorders, or those going through growth spurts and can’t catch their weight up with their height. Most people in today’s society have an issue with being overweight and needing to lose weight as opposed to needing to gain weight so they don’t have a lot of experience with healthy weight gain. Gaining weight in a healthy manner is a very important process not only for those in the world of exercise, but also for those who are living a normal life. Weight gain provides a lot of people with the muscle and size necessary for for both the gym and for everyday life.

How to Gain Weight Fast

Gaining Weight by Consuming More Calories

Those who spend a lot of time exercising and are in need of weight gain have even more problems attempting to gain weight. One method for general weight gain is for the person to consume an extra 500 calories per day. Most people are familiar with the theory of eating 500 less calories per day,  which will help them lose one healthy pound of weight in a week’s time. This is the same concept with someone trying to gain weight, in a healthy way.

Within a week’s time, that person should expect to gain one pound of weight as compared to their original weight. This isn’t always the case as everyone’s body operates in a different way. Some people have a quicker metabolism, which is part of the original problem and others will have no problem gaining that pound as planned.  Exercise is also a big factor in whether or not that one pound of weight will come off. Too much cardiovascular based exercise will keep the participant from losing their one pound goal.

how to gain weight faster

How to gain weight fast for men without gym

It is very important to note that those who decide to consume 500 more calories per day and gain one pound per week need to keep in mind that the extra 500 calories consumed should be consumed through healthy, nutritious foods and not junk food. Unhealthy junk foods consumed can cause other health problems. The additional calories should be consumed frequently throughout the day.

For some people, consuming and drinking water frequently throughout the day will also help someone to gain weight. Eating six times a day is generally the best way to consume calories in a way that your body will retain and gain weight in a desired manner. Drinking after each of these meals, drinking at least eight glasses per day, and staying hydrated (on water of course) is a great way to keep your body healthy and to help retain weight.

how to gain weight fast for men without gym

Other Ways to Gain Weight

Eating larger portions of food and eating quicker are other great ways for the body to better retain weight. When eating quickly, the body generally doesn’t feel as full as when food is consumed slowly. It is easier to consume more food when eating faster and from not being as full so quickly. Along with eating larger portions and eating quickly, eating later at night will help you gain weight. Most people are advised not to eat past 7:00 PM and not to eat immediately before going to bed. Drinking water before meals is not recommended for weight gain, especially not for long term weight gain. Drinking water before meals closes off the stomach even more than it was before consuming the water. This consumption of water before eating will make the individual feel fuller without having eaten more calories. The water consumption keeps the individual from consuming the necessary daily calories needed to gain a healthy amount of weight.

How to gain weight fast for men

Men and women’s bodies operate differently from each other. What may work for a man to gain weight may not be the best solution for women to gain weight. Most men trying to gain healthy weight are advised of many things that they can do, most of which are different from what women are advised to do. This is because the digestive systems for men and women work differently from each other.

Men distribute fat and muscle in different ways than women do. These general weight gain methods for men provide the best results for men who are not only looking to gain weight, but to bulk up in muscle. For best results, men are advised to double what they are currently consuming on a daily basis. Most people don’t realize the difference calorie consumption can make in gaining and even losing weight. Eating 15 to 20 minutes right after waking up will help men gain weight quickly.

how to gain weight fast for men

As mentioned earlier, eating six meals per day every two to three hours will reduce the amount of weight gain. Those who actively exercise and workout are advised not to go to the gym or go train on an empty stomach. More calories are burned at a quicker pace when exercise is performed on an empty stomach. Especially after exercising, men are advised to eat foods that are rich in nutrients. Eating food with empty calories or food that has little to no nutritional value do the body very little good. These foods sit in the body for very long periods of time, keeping the body full and keep the person from consuming more food throughout the day. The slow release of nutrients into the body is the best way to help the body gain weight and retain it over time.

Another method for gaining and retaining that gained weight is to drink a shake while you workout. The shake should consist of carbohydrates and high amounts of protein. Both of these nutrients create a shake that is high in calories. Taking one drink before working out and another one after working out will provide your body with that calorie, carbohydrate, and protein spike that it needs to gain weight.

how to gain weight for men

How to gain weight fast for women

Women are advised that, in order to gain weight, they should consume an additional 500 to 1000 calories per day. Most men are not as small as women which provides smaller women with the option to consume up to 100 more calories per day to create a healthy gain in weight that is fitting of their body type, health, and high metabolism. Very similar to men weight gain plans, women are also advised to eat three main meals per day and to eat two to three snacks per day, in between each of the meals and after their final meal. All of these snacks need to be high in calories and have a higher amount of carbohydrates.

Whole grains, pastas, and breads are recommended for women looking to quickly gain weight in a healthy manner. Complex carbohydrates do not break down in the body as easily as normal carbohydrates, therefore helping women to gain weight. Like men, women are advised to eat breakfast every morning. Skipping breakfast will only keep the participant from consuming the necessary calories they need to hit their daily goal. Additionally, eating breakfast quickly after waking up will help to slow down the metabolism and interrupt the night time digestion process. Larger portions of foods and foods with higher amounts of calories are recommended for women’s weight gain. Again, this doesn’t mean unhealthy foods should be consumed because they are higher in carbohydrates and sugars. Healthy foods are recommended and will, in the long run, provide the user with healthy, longer lasting weight gain results.

how to gain weight for girls

With this theory in mind, most of the consumed calories for women’s weight gain could come from carbohydrates and fats. High amounts of proteins will help women to stay lean and to keep weight off. Unhealthy unsaturated fats added to the diet will help with weight gain and maintenance. Dense foods and nuts will provide the body with weight gain. Most women don’t realize the one type of movement and exercise that they can do in order to gain weight in a healthy way. Moderate weight training, about 30 minutes of weight training every three to five days, can help women to add on a few extra pound. Grant it, the extra weight will be in muscle, but  is a very healthy way to gain and maintain the weight. Doing eight to 12 repetitions and two to four sets each weight lifting session is the best plan of attack for gaining weight in a healthy manner. Compound movement exercises like such as squats and deadlifts help the body to retain weight. On the opposite end of the exercise spectrum, aerobic exercise will not help anyone to lose weight.

gain wight fast enough

Gaining Pounds by Supplements and Weight Gainers

Supplements are another helpful way for people to gain necessary weight. The common perception for supplements and weight gainers is that they can only be used by weight lifters or by those who exercise a lot. Weight gainers and supplements are, when used carefully, are great and safe for weight gain. Users are warned that they do need to be careful when using weight gainers and supplements to gain weight because if they are overused, weight gain for the person can be unhealthy and can be hard to control.

Another misconception with weight gainers are that the supplements can gain weight in certain areas of the body. For example, some men are looking to have larger chests, shoulders, or arms and take these supplements and weight gainers in order to try and increase the size of specific body parts. Women do the same thing in hopes of gaining weight in the buttocks, legs, and chest. Body fat and weight gain is not centralized to specific parts of the body. An individual’s body will decide specifically where weight gains will show the most. The weight gain will be spread fairly evenly through the body, but heavier weight gain in specific areas of the body will depend upon each individual’s body make up and genetics. Creatine is a very common supplement to take in order to see weight gain results. When consuming creatine, an individual needs to drink a large amount of water, which is held in the body and helps the individual retain more weight.

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