Ginger and its Health Benefits

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Ginger whose origin can be traced back to the southern Asia, it’s a herbaceous plant which rhizome or ginger root as it fondly called can be used as spice as well as folk medicine. Ginger comes in different varieties as it can be seen in its rhizome which can be red, yellow and white. A typical ginger plant is brown in skin colour and the texture or solidity depends on the time of harvest.

Ginger is one of the healthiest and ancient spice and its relevance in the modern kitchen still remains as it perform a vital function to the health institution of the body and connect straight to the brain and down to the body in terms of nutritional and health benefits. In this text we will be looking at the health benefits we can derive from this ancient Chinese spice and why it is important to human existence.

Ginger original have been used as traditional or alternative means of treatment in various aspect some of which are digestion, reduce nausea, help curb flu action and prevent common cold and other smaller health issues.

Ginger comes with a special fragrance and flavour and will quickly be recognized and distinguished from other spice because of its uniqueness and all these are attributed to the ginger oil (gingerol), the gingerol have an antioxidant and a powerful anti-inflammatory effects. The bioactive compound that’s present in its structure is responsible for its medicinal properties. Research shows that regular consumption of the ginger plant increases life span, decreases the rate of obesity in the body, prevent heart disease and also keep us safe from diabetics.

Now it time we know why ginger is essential in our day to day activities.

Digestive Issues

The presence of the phenolic compound help in bile production, induce saliva and help to relieve the gastrointestinal irritation, also these compounds help in the digestion of food without any contraction through the gastrointestinal tract thus paving way for a healthy ingestion of food.



This is commonly found in pregnant women, pregnant women may be prone to vomiting, morning sickness but academy research shows that ginger root help to reduce these action in pregnant women, only small dose is required by to be used unlike other anti-vomiting drugs which can lead to a severe birth defects on the offspring.

Also ginger can be used for cancer patient undergoing therapy and are subjected to nausea vomiting and also for patient who undergo surgery. In this regard it can be served as tea or can be chewed on a regular base to achieve this aim.

Ginger can also be used in cold weather, this is to increase the metabolic rate of the body in terms of sweating, it works from within to keep the body in a homeostasis state. Ginger intake can be in different format such as, a cup of tea, candy, spice in food, can be chew raw, et al. but be sure to see a medical expert for proper administration so as to ensure an effective usage and not an abusive one.


The ginger anti-inflammatory effect

After going through various researches by a good number of medical experts it has been dim that ginger has effect on different arthritis ailment, ginger help to reduce pain in patient with arthritis and also improve on their mobility and this is as a result of the consumption of ginger on a regular basis. The function of ginger is not only restricted to the pain experienced by the patient but also reduces swelling of the affected part especially the knee region, so ginger help to suppress pro-inflammatory effect of the cytokines and the chemokines compound again serving as both pain reliever and anti-swelling agent.

Blood sugar level of the body

Recent studies shows that ginger may reduce the blood-sugar level of the body system and this may be as a result of its anti-diabetic properties although not confirmed yet ginger is seen to reduce the blood-sugar level of the body in a very impressive format and this again is a progress in the health industry. But also there is a need for a medical expert for more enlightenment since it’s not yet confirmed to have a proper usage in terms of the blood sugar level.


Indigestion and stomach discomfort

Ginger has been seen to accelerate emptying of the stomach in individuals having indigestion problem and other related stomach discomfort, ginger can be taken after eating but it is best to apply this procedure before eating as it will eliminate any constraint in the stomach and this will stop pain in the upper stomach region of people with this condition (dyspepsia). To be free from stomach pains and cramps ginger can be serve as a fresh juice, eating it as whole, inhalation of ginger essential oil will go a long way to put an end to any stomach discomfort.

Bacterial and fungal infection

Ginger through research as been seen to have more effect on its antibacterial prowess than other antibacterial drugs like tetracycline, chloramphenicol and ampicillin on an immune complicated patient. With its ability to kill different bacterial infection, usage of the ginger extract from this study will ensure a proper state of immunology in respective individual that are open to these infections.

The action of ginger on fungal infection is still one of the best procedure to curb the action of fungus on human because fungi has continue to show resistance to other conventional measure so the use of ginger is highly essential in this condition. To curb the spread and resistivity of fungal infection it is essential that we introduce ginger to our daily meal intake in a very substantial amount.

Note: ginger is a great measure to cure stomach cancer, it is six to eight times more potent than any other medicinal drugs.



The use of ginger has been a great accomplishment in the history of cancer treatment over years with the experiment conducted by both University of Minnesota and the University of Michigan with each institution working on colorectal cancer and ovarian cancer, it is seen that gingerol reduce the growth of colorectal cancer cell and also inhibit profound growth in the ovarian cells.

The research carried out on this effect is very much correct and has gone a long way to improve the medical world on its research on cancer, this again have prove the versatility of this small plant whose effect is an a very big problem that bothers the world.

So there is also a need to visit a medical expert in order to know the dosage to follow to have an effective treatment and in order not to complicate issues.


Immune system

With proper usage of ginger on a daily basis, it will be hard before the immune system of an individual will be pierced and this also will boost the body system to be active against pathogens that want to get in the body so it advised to see ginger as way of tackling health challenges and experience a healthy life experience.

It is essential to incorporate ginger into our daily food and it should be at the back of our minds that ginger is the only spice that can give a 99% assurance into healthy living and making us stay free infections thus boosting the immune system preparing it against invaders.


How to include ginger in your everyday diet

Ginger which can also be compared with fresh natural foods, like seafood, fruits and other natural foods is important in our daily food intake. When going for shopping for your kitchen ingredients look for a fresh ginger and not the dried one and make sure it has that spicy aroma effect. Ginger can be stored in a refrigerator to increase its shelf life when it’s not currently needed, when using ginger it’s required to peel it and grate it when it’s fresh. Some of the way we can use it are listed below.

  • After grating you can add to your fresh juice or smoothies before leaving for work
  • The part that was peeled can be added to your tea to ensure a smooth running of the body system
  • It can be used when cooking as an additional spice to increase the flavour and the nutritional value of the food.
  • It can also be in a powdered form and it safe to ingest it this will help to empty the stomach and guard against stomach disorder.
  • Ginger is the only spice that work with your meal to ensure a better health for all.


Does ginger have any side effect?

Ginger does not have any side effect basically because according to health critics it’s generally recognized as safe.

Some certain individuals may develop an allergic reaction which commonly in a form of rashes, if taken in powdered form it can lead to heartburn and other side effect. When it is not chewed properly it can cause intestinal blockage, individuals with cases of ulcer, inflammatory disease will react to large consumption of fresh ginger including individuals with gall stone problem. These are the major side effect associated with ginger and if examined properly, you will see that  when it is consumed in  improper way,  this side effects will manifest again so, it is necessary to meet a health expert for better understanding of its usage.

So ginger in its small nature goes a long way to the health benefit of an individual and it’s preferably the spice of food ingredient with all essentials in its structure, ginger can also be used orally as in case of nausea, ginger is not only used during cooking but also can be in form of drinking, ginger is best used when fresh to get all its benefits  to the user, ginger has been used to stop all kind of ailment even the type 2 diabetes, there was never an issue with this plant and it has been traditionally confirmed its effectiveness towards body treatment.

Ginger I will term small but mighty and it’s usefulness I believe is still more we will see that in future research, keep using ginger as it ensure a better living for all.

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