The GM Diet

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Now we can ask ourselves, what is the GM diet? A GM diet is a health strategy which was developed by the General Motors for its employees which targeted to the loss of 4.5 kilograms per week for those who had the desire to live a healthy lifestyle. They developed a diet which constituted of food that burn more calories in the body and have a very low caloric level.

 GM Diet

Healthy eating is one of the best things a person can do to control the body weight. Weight loss is the significant reduction of body mass. It narrows down to burning of calories in the body more than what is being taken in. many people come to notice they need to lose weight late but that should not be a problem since that weight challenge can be curbed based on the saying ”better late than never.” Losing weight is a balancing activity and does not need one to necessarily do a lot of work out in the gym or do vigorous tiresome exercises. It all depends on what diet plan you have got and foods that you are bound to encounter day by day during your weight losing period since a healthy recipe is the key to a better healthy life.

General Motors Diet

The GM diet or General Motors Diet does not only reduce weight but also fastens the metabolic process of removing the toxins from the body since toxic substances are mainly stored in the fatty areas of the body thus through rapid fat breakdown, the toxins are also flushed out. It’s a kind of diet that works in seven days, the body is brought into a specified state of a better overall health of course free of some kilograms, free of toxins and also free of unhealthy processed foods that may have been of great contribution to being overweight before.

General Motors Diet

Before we begin looking at the constituents of the GM diet, one should know that in order to be successful, for those taking alcohol- they should avoid it as much as possible. This is because alcohol contributes greatly in increasing the uric acid in the body thus leading to increase of water retention. This in turn limits detoxification since most toxins are passed out through urine than through sweating. It is a chain problem because limiting of detoxification also limits burning of calories since more toxins are deposited into the fat section. Alcohol also supplies almost as many calories as proteins and carbohydrates thus hastening fat storage. Alcohol also tends to leave a powerful desire for other foods after consuming it. It mostly stimulates an appetite for fatty and salty foods which are the main components of fat gain therefore destroying totally the set recipe for weight lose. It also affects a person’s motivation on doing something negatively making the idea of following of a healthier diet useless. Generally alcohol enslaves someone, which is not a component of staying healthy when on the GM diet.

GM Diet plan

On the first day of GM Diet plan, it is highly recommended that one should take a lot of fruits especially melons such as watermelons, cantaloupes and honeydews because they are low energy fruits thus they have very low amounts of calories. Their high water content makes the consumer stay full most of the time thus one can limit the amount of foods and calories that can be taken. Although bananas are of very high nutritional value, one is discouraged from taking them because they are high in sugar content and have a high caloric value too, hence I would describe taking bananas while on the GM diet as ‘postponement of weight reduction’. The first day diet is very important in the GM diet as one may lose up to 3 kilograms if followed well. It also counts on how much you will lose by the end of the seven day diet, thus should be well implemented if the person following the diet is committed to losing a significant amount of weight.

GM Diet plan

The second day is a switch from fruits to vegetables. The vegetables may be cooked or raw depending on the preference of the person undertaking the diet. In case of cooking them, they should not be overcooked just in case of depriving them of major essential nutrients. The main reason of taking vegetables is because their high fiber and water content keeps you full more than processed carbohydrates that lack fiber. There is no limit on the amount of vegetables to be taken as it is also major in weight reduction. They also prevent rise and decrease of sugar levels thus limiting the craving for processed sugary foods that may spike the body’s calorie level. It is also on this day that one should take a large potato with butter -although butter is not necessary- so that they provide the body with energy needed for the whole day.

On the third day, you take a merge of the first and second day diet, that is taking a mixture of fruits and vegetables. One should stuff himself of these two and at any quantity  but as usual avoiding high calorie fruits such as bananas is also emphasized. Also the potato and butter on this day are omitted because the fruits take their part of providing the body with carbohydrates and are much more healthier. It is also better to consider taking the same fruits as those taken on the first day that which comprises more of melons and cantaloupe.


Since the body has endured staying for the first three days with a very minimal amount of sugar level, on the fourth day, the diet should be consisting more of bananas, milk and a special made GM soup. It is advisable that you take at most eight bananas to cater for potassium and sodium in the body. It is not a must that one consumes all the eight bananas but should at least take six of them well distributed throughout the day. Apart from building strong bones, the calcium in milk plays an important role in reduction of weight as it regulates the chemical processes of the body and also accelerates fat breakdown. the special GM soup ingredients are: onions, garlic, tomatoes, green pepper and a cabbage. This soup is very important as most of the seven day weight loss program owes to it. However despite it being highly nutritious, it should be taken in limits. By the end of the fourth day, the body should have adopted to non-sugary stuff and hence have a very low desire for sweet foods.

One may start his fifth day off with beef and soup. As the beef provides most of the protein and fiber, the soup the body with energy. This combination will keep the body satisfied for the rest of the day although one still needs to take lunch which may consist of cheese and tomatoes. One should also remember to take more water on this day because during digestion of beef, a lot of uric acid is produced thus water helps a lot in flushing it out. For dinner, taking soya chunks and sprouts is acceptable or may also take beef soup and tomatoes since they help in making the body feel more energized. The beef soup is also important as it helps in replacing the water lost at daytime.


The sixth day is much more like day five except that on this day, one is discouraged from taking should take as much beef or any other low calorie protein but the tomatoes here are replaced by vegetables of your own choice. You may start your day off by taking a bowl of vegetable soup and beef as it helps in keeping the stomach full for the rest of the day. While for lunch, a hamburger and vegetable soup can be considered though it should be noted that there is no inclusion of bread in this diet. Water should also be taken in much quantities to ease digestion and flushing out of uric acid from the body.

Being the second last day under the GM diet, the person should have noted significant change in the body weight as the body has inclined more into reducing its weight and should be different from how it appeared five days before.


One is also expected to eat more as the body is slowly gaining appetite but in order to maintain the weight one should eat more vegetables in order not to consider going back to the old system of taking sweet high calorie value foods.

It is important on this last day to take some white starch food if preferred, or alternatively taking brown rice can be considered. Fresh fruit juice should also be taken to avoid dehydration of the body alongside vegetables.

During the diet it is absolutely important to note that water is the main beverage and should be taken in large quantities to help in digestion of the foods taken. Others like black coffee and club soda are also accepted but should be taken alongside water.



Side effects of the GM Diet

Taking a diet that totally involves changing of the body’s diet, it has to be accompanied with some side effects. In case the effects are severe one should discontinue following the diet. Some of these side effects are:

Body weakness– This may come as a result of lack of protein during the first three days’ diet as the body tries to adjust into the new diet

Headaches– one may experience some mild headaches as the body is adjusting to the diet which involves all the body organs in getting rid of toxins.

After taking the GM diet plan one may decide to go over the process again after a break period of between one and two weeks in case there is more need to lose some more pounds but if satisfied, one should workout daily to adjust the body back to its normal ways. A balanced diet should also be taken to avoid storage of fats into the body system again which may lead to gaining more weight. With commitment after deciding to follow the diet, success comes automatically.

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