10 Proven Benefits of Green Tea

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Tea-drinking is an incredibly ancient ceremony that is popular all over the world. The classification of tea is rather complex and differs in some parts of the world, but in this article we would like to talk about the benefits of the green tea and to point out ten things that it can be useful with in your life.

green tea

  1. Green Tea is Protecting You From Cancer

Green tea is made of leaves that are not subjected to the fermentation process and that contain big amounts of such antioxidants as polyphenols. What are polyphenols? These are chemicals that help to fight with cancer tumors. The cells in our organism tend to be damaged, which causes their turning into cancer cells.

Polyphenols protect them from this kind of damage. Particularly, in the research of 2004-2005, that 2018 Chinese women consuming green tea with mushrooms took part in, it turned out that their risk of the development of breast cancer was 90% lower than usual.

Another component of green tea that prevents you from cancer is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a chemical that is able to kill cancer cells without damaging healthy tissues. This has been proven in a research held in the Israel Institute of Technology in 2007.


  1. Keeping You Energetic

Have you ever been given advice to avoid drinking green tea before going to sleep? Indeed, it won’t help you to fall asleep since it contains tannin, which has a restorative property that also gives this tart, astringent taste to green tea, and known to all caffeine.

In fact, the caffeine from green tea is less harmful than the one containing in coffee as long as the green tea caffeine doesn’t accumulate in our body and its interaction with tannin, makes the impact on our nervous system lighter.

  1. Taking Care Of Your Teeth

Japanese scientists were the first ones to prove that even smoker’s dental health is better due to drinking green tea. It decreases gum bleeding and pain, and its antibacterial properties prevent the development of caries. The antibacterial properties of green tea have been proven as a result of a research held in the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Catechin, one of the components of green tea, decreases the symptoms of periodontium, and the presence of fluorine is responsible for teeth whitening. This way of making your smile shining is pretty natural, harmless and economical.


Useful Tip:  To achieve better results in the influence that green tea can have on your oral cavity, do not swallow the tea liquid immediately when you’re drinking tea. Instead, keep it in your mouth for several seconds before swallowing.

Additionally, you can practice tea mouthwash for better results. Not only will it have good influence on the condition of your teeth and gums, but also eliminate bad breath.

  1. Giving Power To Your Heart

In the research held in the Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, they studied the effects of short-term consumption of green tea by a group of students of 19-37 years old. The results of the research showed that green tea is able to lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

The American Heart Association also held a number of researches of the impact of green tea on our cardiovascular system. According to the results of a five-year study of 1900 patients with acute myocardial infarction, it was noticed that the risk of death from the re-infarction is 44% lower provided that more than two cups of green tea per day are consumed by the patients.

These and, in fact, some other researches have shown to scientists that green tea definitely is good prevention of cardiovascular diseases.


  1. Improving Your Brain Activity

It has been believed since old times that green tea has the ability to stimulate intellectual capabilities of a human. The University of Basel, Switzerland, has conducted several experiments and proved that green tea and its extracts, mostly because of its vitamins B1 and B2, but also because of other components, is able to improve cognitive abilities and capabilities of short-term memory. The results of these experiments have also shown that green tea is effective as part of the treatment of patients with memory disorder, dementia, and other cognitive impairments of both organic origin and those caused by mental pathologies.

How exactly does green tea have impact on our brain? Magnetic resonance imaging, applied to people participating in the experiments of the University of Basel, has shown that green tea improves interaction between different parts of the brain, in particular the interaction between the frontal lobe and parietal lobe. Due to improved plasticity of short-term connections between neurons, the capabilities of short-term memory are improved as well, which stimulates common memorizing processes.

Thus, if you want feel that you lack concentration or memorizing ability, green tea can come in handy.


  1. Helping You To Lose Weight

Green tea is absolutely a good friend for everyone who is trying to shed some pounds. Not only does it work as a diuretic that furthers the excretion of excess fluids from your body, but also stabilizes the glucose level in blood, which directly influences the lowering of appetite.

It is not a secret to many people that green tea increases metabolic rate. This is what the above mentioned polyphenols are responsible for: they play a significant role in fat processing, which, in addition, improves thermo-regulation of human’s body. There were some research held in the University of Birmingham. According to the results of these studies, the average level of fat processing in a human’s body is 17% higher after the consumption of actual green tea than after the consumption of placebo. Hence, if you have decided to lose weight and you have chosen green tea as one of the methods to help you in that, you’ve made the right choice.


  1. Making Your Skin Shine

Green tea lovers can boast with the nice condition of their skin. This is what they should thank the abovementioned catechin for. Catechin is an antioxidant that, as we already know, has a good impact on your oral cavity, but apart from that it also takes care of your skin. It has a powerful moisturizing effect as well as a good stimulator for regeneration of cells. As plenty of research show, catechin also tends to fight with the signs of skin aging. In addition, it is quite helpful in curing skin damages of various character like inflammations.

As you can see, as a remedy skin care green tea is useful for men and women of all ages, so add green tea to your diet if you suffer from any problems with your skin.

Useful Tip: For a better and more powerful effect, try using different face masks containing green tea and its extracts. You may find out that the impact is even more noticeable, and your skin might feel even better and healthier.


  1. Curing Your Wounds

Green tea is not only nice and helpful as a drink, but it also come in handy as a remedy of external use. It is a good cure for wounds and burns since it contains tannin, that we have already mentioned earlier, and that has anti-inflammatory, hemostatic and antibacterial properties. There are different ways to cure a wound with the help of green tea, and these ways include washing a wound with strong brewed tea or overlaying a compress consisting of mixture of green tea with hot water or with other curing substances.

Another health problem that green tea can help you with is conjunctivitis. For it is recommended to use green tea and its extracts as well as to overlay various kinds of compresses containing green tea in washing the inflamed eye However, it is important to remember that, although green tea can be helpful as a curing remedy, you should still see a doctor if you have a problem like this.

  1. Prevent Your Addiction To Alcohol

Yes, this is another wonderful characteristic of green tea – it helps to fight with alcohol abuse. This is the reason why in China, Japan, and other countries that  significantly prioritize tea drinking, the level of alcoholism, according to statistics, is considerably lower than in western countries.

How exactly is it needed to consume green tea to make it have a good impact on alcohol addiction? The answer is, drink it on a regular basis and try to brew it totally concentrated. After drinking tea, do not throw the leaves away, eat them instead. Naturally, the effect will not show up immediately, it  will take some time to feel the changes but after a few months alcohol addiction starts decreasing. Apparently, it is better to be a drinker of something that doesn’t cause any addictions, isn’t it ?

  1. Improving Your Potency

There is also some good news for men particularly: green tea is helpful to fight with problems connected with men’s potency.In the first place, green tea is rich for zinc. How does it influence potency? Zinc is necessary for the production of male hormone testosterone.

Moreover, certain kinds of green tea are made with the addition of aphrodisiacs, that have positive effect on men’s reproductive system and, in particular, their sexual activity. In fact, a lot of aphrodisiacs of plant origin are brewed and consumed as regular tea. Among such aphrodisiacs there is ginseng, or it is more accurate to say, its root. Tea made of the ginseng roots is especially popular in China, which is one of the reasons why even elderly Chinese men are still able to become fathers. In the list of tea aphrodisiacs there are also ginger, yohimbe, which is less known but also quite effective, saffron, and a lot of others. Not only brewing tea with these aphrodisiacs improve your health, but also your private life.

To sum up, it is important to understand that green tea is not a cure of all diseases or the fountain of eternal youth. As in case with any other food product, you should remember that extremes are dangerous, and always listen to the reactions of your body. However, reasonable consumption of green tea will definitely do good to your body as well as to your spirit.

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