The Health Benefits of Banana & its Nutritional Facts

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The banana fruit is a delicious and nutrient filled fruit which comes with many nutritional advantages to the body system, banana has many essential nutrients that the body requires to combat invaders and also maintain a healthy body system. Banana is best eaten when ripe as unripe banana can cause severe indigestion but when it’s in a cooked or boiled form you are good to go. Banana is consumed globally; it can serve as an appetizer before breakfast and can also serve as a quick snacks during the day to boost the energy level of the body.

Banana comes in different varieties across the world but there is almost same description with each variety as they are they are elongated, curve covered with peels if when exposed are white, yellow and can also be brown when ripe depending on variety you find yourself with. Banana can be eaten raw or processed into juice and can also serve as fruit salads it’s dependent on the way you want to consume this delicious meal.

With accurate findings and research back up we will be discussing the health benefits of banana which is mostly attributed to its mineral, vitamins and organic content, let’s take a look at different angles the banana are beneficial to the body.


Banana health benefits

The fruit for perfect vision

Banana contain vitamin A, the vitamin is important for proper functioning of the eye in terms of protection, maintenance and improved vision at night, the vitamin which contain some membrane that are rich in protein and are responsible for the source of light in corneas, also it help to reduce the risk of contracting macular degeneration which blurs the central vision and its rare condition that’s incurable. Also cataracts, glaucoma and night blindness can also be prevented with daily consumption of banana.

Reduce weight gain

Banana are stomach filling naturally because of the satisfaction it brings when consumed, this can help to reduce great craving of food and as a result will help in weight shedding, banana are also rich in fiber, consuming a banana daily provides you with 10% of your fiber requirement and this help in proper digestion. Also it contain vitamin B6 which protect against diabetes insipidus (type 2 diabetes).

Bone development

Banana according to research in the journal of physiology and biochemistry (2009). It contain a non digestive carbohydrate called fructooligosaccharides the contain probiotics that enhance the body’s ability to absorb calcium. This will keep the bones in proper formation and strong.

Banana contain antioxidant

Antioxidant which are mainly in fruits and vegetable are abundant in banana, the antioxidant in banana include dopamine and catechins. The both reduce the risk of heart disease and degenerative disease. When consumed adequately it protect against kidney cancer and this is as a result of its antioxidant phenolic compounds.

Blood sugar level

Blood sugar level tends to be moderate when banana is regularly consumed. We will be looking at both ripe and unripe banana influence on the blood sugar level, banana contain fiber that gives the flesh its structural form this fiber are called pectin and also unripe banana contain resistant starch, so they both reduce emptying of stomach and therefore will moderate the sugar level present in the blood. It is very low in glycemic index, glycemic is a measure of how food increases the sugar level in the blood. So don’t worry about the sweetness your blood sugar level is in its moderate position. Patient who are diabetic should be careful of eating over ripened banana and they should monitor their blood sugar level on a regular base.

Ulcer and other stomach disorder

Banana is used as an antacid food to relieve upset stomach, which goes a long way of suppressing acid secretion, the organic compound content in banana stimulate cells to build up against acid secretion, they contain a protease inhibitor that drives away or eliminate bacteria that is linked to stomach ulcer development. So daily consumption of banana can curb ulcer and other stomach disorder.


The banana fruit is rich in iron and help in the treatment of anemia, anemia occur due to absence of iron in the blood cell that is low blood cell count, banana is also rich in copper which is also essential for the formation of red blood cells. It is not about preventing anemia but also effective circulation in the entire body system which will give the body enough energy to perform its function properly.


Nutritional Facts of Banana

We will be looking at banana make-up in terms of vitamins and minerals. Below are the essential nutritional make-up you should know about banana.

Vitamin includes vitamin B6, vitamin C, folate, riboflavin; pantothenic acid and niacin as well as trace amount of other vitamins, minerals present include potassium, manganese, magnesium, and copper. They are also a good source of dietary fiber and protein as well.

We will be looking at the nutrient contain in eating a medium size banana:

Calories 105-110

Potassium 450mg (13% DV)

Vitamin A (2% DV)

Vitamin C (15% DV)

Total Carbohydrate 30g (10% DV)

Dietary Fiber 3g (12% DV)

Sugar 19g

Protein 1g

Iron (2% DV)

With our nutritional facts we can see that banana is free from cholesterol and fat, so it is very important in lowering blood sugar level, weight loss, constipation, prevention of heart disease and other health benefits.


Are there Any Side Effects of Banana?

When eaten in excess there maybe occurrence of headache and sleepiness and this is caused by the amino acid which dilate the blood vessels the amino acid triggers the headache, the presence of tryptophan induces sleepiness. The action of magnesium also relaxes the muscle this can be of benefits and at the same time a very risky situation.

Banana is known for its sugary taste, when consumed and attention is not given to the dental health of an individual which can lead to toothache and eventually tooth decay.

When consumed in bunch it is risky for health because it releases excess minerals and vitamins so it is recommended that you eat two bananas a day and not a whole bunch, over consumption of potassium can lead to muscle weakness, temporary paralysis and irregular heartbeat which comes with great consequences when this is noticed in the body but it only happens when you consume too much of it. Vitamin B6 consumption to the range of 500 mg can lead to damage of the nerve in the arms and legs region and this only happen when you eat thousands of banana fruits.


What benefits can I derive from the banana peel

Banana peel as perceived by many is very dangerous, the only danger with the banana peel is when you slip on it. As a matter of fact, banana peel as some nutritional benefits to its make-up, in some part of the world banana peel are eaten, it contain a whole lot vitamin B6 and B12 as well as magnesium and potassium they are made up of bioactive compounds. Banana peel can be cooked, fried or eaten raw and can also be added to your fruit juice during blending. Before going for the banana peel make sure it is washed thoroughly to be free from germs and also chemicals.

Banana are one of the most digestible fruit that’s packed with energy and nutritional element that are essential to body development and also serve as natural cure to all forms of ailment.

Banana can be added to breakfast in different ways maybe added to your yogurt meal, smoothie, can be blended with other fruits and serve as fresh juice. It can be eaten any time of the day to show how convenient it can be, can be taken at home, in offices, at school, generally  everywhere.

Banana by research is one of the first fruit cultivated dated back to 8,000 BC, this is to show the uniqueness of this fruit, as it has been everyday food for our ancient fathers.

Banana consumption at night are also very important, some of the points will be given below.

  • When banana is consumed at night, then there is assurance that your food is well digested due to the actions of fiber which will surely help to implement that and also will help you to meet your fiber requirement.
  • It will help to stop craving of late night snacks before going to bed. Banana which is mainly known for its filling habit in the stomach can leave you satisfied and will make you worry less about going for a late night snacks. So before going for a candy or other sweet meals at night you can well take a banana that’s equipped with all your cravings.
  • Banana is essential for the regulation of stomach acid, this applies to people with ulcer and heartburn, because they need banana to regulate their stomach acid secretion and put it into order. Therefore fighting harmful bacteria in that region.
  • Banana also can give the muscle additional electrolyte and lower the risk of muscle cramp when eaten at night.

Banana can give you a good night rest due to its action on balancing the melatonin level and tryptophan level as well.

Eat banana everyday as it’s an assurance to good life and balance health status. A boost in the immunology system, a cure to several ailment in the body.

Banana also help the skin to reach a glowing state, because it’s rich in antioxidant, phytochemicals and moisture content, they will bring back to life aging skin and smoothen rough skin as well. Potassium which help to hydrate and moisturise dehydrated skin. The B-vitamins help to stop aging skin as well as protect against free radicals that causes oxidative stress on the skin. Vitamin C help to control the oil on the skin and also for the production of collagen. The amino acid which must be mentioned because of the uniqueness it brings to the skin nourishes the skin, maintain skin elasticity and strengthen the connective tissue as well.

These are the effects of banana on the skin, there are more facts about what benefits you can derive from the consumption of this meal, you can visit a medical expert to explain more on this particular fruit to be sure you are on the pathway to health living.

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