The Health Benefits of Yogurt

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Yogurt is a milk product that contain different nutritional values essentially with calcium together with high-quality protein as its makeup, for bodybuilding in terms of bone development and a boost to the immune system the body needs daily supply of this cream which can be taken as breakfast before leaving home to other daily activities or can be consumed as snacks on a very bright afternoon during work or after work, so there is no specific time attached to the consumption of this refreshing meal.

Yogurt can both be consumed by children and adults for the building and development of bones and other needed structure in children and for maintaining the bones and enriching its constituents in adults, so with this information we can see that yogurt is not restricted to any age as its unique nutritional values spread to all. In this text we will be looking at the health benefits we can derive from daily consumption of yogurt.

Before that it is essential we note it at the back of our mind that yogurt contain some remarkable vitamins and minerals as well as probiotics which is usually termed “good bacteria” which helps in the regulation and proper functioning of the digestive system as well as fighting infection, boosting the immune system level, reduction of cholesterol in the body system, positive effect on the skin to mention but few functions of yogurt meal, some of its benefit are discussed below.


The Effect of Yogurt in the Body System

In this section we will be looking at different function that is attributed to yogurt and how it can affect our everyday life giving a positive lifestyle and hope to what is to come in the future and also why it’s important to include yogurt in our daily diet. Points highlighted in this section as gone through various research and has been proven to be right thus giving us essential knowledge as to why it’s important to go about them. We will be looking at different approach to the consumption of this yummy meal.

The Good bacteria concept

The probiotics are bacteria that live in the digestive tract, basically they function to feed on harmful micro-organism that are harmful to the body system and can cause intestinal infection. Their function is to help regulate digestion and strengthen the immune system, they also help to balance the digestive ecosystem by balancing the ratio of the microflora bacteria. The probiotics also help to curb the issue of diarrhea or intestinal pain and bloating, if this issue persist then it’s recommended that you visit a medical expert but according to research done in recent years it should not be an issue as it’s likely to resolve bloating and diarrhea.

The body framework

Calcium and vitamin D are the micronutrient that of great importance to the body system. Calcium which is the greatest reserve in the bone is very important in the body frame work of all ages. When combined with a sufficient amount of vitamin D will bring about a health skeletal system and this is to prevent the issue of rickets in children and osteoporosis in adults. Yogurt which is very rich in both calcium and vitamin D is the answer to our skeletal framework giving the body proper support and a healthy condition to go about its day to day activities.

Yogurt, a remedy for high blood pressure

There is a link between the consumption of yogurt and it’s effect on high blood pressure. According to research there is an assurance of more than 50% of reduction in high blood pressure due to dairy intake (low fat) since yogurt is an extract of dairy milk, consumption of low fat yogurt also have the same effect and will reduce the risk of high blood pressure as compared to people who don’t adhere to this fact. This also a plus on the health community as it goes a long way than preventing high blood pressure risk but also will increase mortality rate.

The weight loss and exercise benefits of yogurt

Eating 18 ounce or more and reducing calories can help you to achieve a desired weight than you skipping the food entirely talking about yogurt in this scenario, the body weight is reduced as well as the belly fat, constant consumption of this food or snacks will help to maintain weight loss and will help to reach that body pattern you imagine. When yogurt have been digested the calcium signals the fat cells to give out less cortisol and this will result in weight shedding.

The body requires vitamin

Yogurt is rich in vitamin, some of its vitamin constituent includes riboflavin, pantothenic acid, iodine, zinc, potassium and phosphorus. Yogurt also to maintain the red blood cell which in turn keeps the nervous system in a good condition and this is traced down to vitamin B12 in its constituents. So for the vegetarian has been lacking vitamin B12 because the vitamin is mostly found in animal product, it’s time to go for yogurt in order to enrich your body nutritional requirement.

How to Choose your Yogurt to Meet up the Daily Requirement

Here are the basic things to look for when going for a yogurt either an already made one or a self made one, this will also help to maintain a healthy life, it’s essential to know that our wants differs so it’s just a basic procedure to determine what kind of yogurt will give a healthy condition.

    • It’s important to always check the label and know the specific makeup of the yogurt, it may be a regular fat, low-fat or fat free depending on what you require it’s important to check because all yogurt are not brewed the same.
    • Search for probiotics on the label, different brands come with different cultures so under the ingredient you can search the different types of culture present either L.Bulgaricus, S.Thermophilus, or bifidobacterium. This specific cultures are very good in the regulation of digestive system so constipation is not an issue in this scenario.
  • Vitamin D is essential because it helps to boost the function of calcium in the body system so together they balance the entire body structure and firmness.
  • Yogurt can be used as a substitute ingredient in different types of recipes so when cooking we can add the yogurt flavour to add to the nutritional value of the dish.
  • Instead of adding ice cream to make your smoothies creamier, you can add yogurt instead as it’s less with sugar when compared to ice cream and yogurt is also rich in calcium and protein compare to ice cream.

Nutritional Requirement in terms of Consumption

We will be looking at the 6-ounce serving nutritional makeup, at this range it’s safe to have a yogurt meal for both children and adults and it will meet the daily requirement of an individual body system.

There are other range of dishing a yogurt meal which depends on the requirement of its consumer and what their health can be exposed too without having any side effects, to have an effective serving range it’s required to know all about your health status, your body weight, cholesterol level, immune system level, the digestive orderliness of the body system and stuff like that. Again it’s recommended you see a medical expert to determine all your health status and not just assume that a particular ratio is best for you.

Per 6-ounce serving:

Calories: 100 to 150. It safer to go for lower calories during snacks

Fat: 3.5 grams or less, for low fat or non fat the ratio is at its best in this condition

Saturated fat: 2 grams or less

Protein: it should contain about 8 to 10 grams per meal

Sugar: 20 grams or less

Calcium: at least 20 percent of the daily value

Vitamin D: at least 20 percent of the daily value

At the end of the day with this nutritional make up the body is in a good shape in terms of vitamins and mineral requirement of the body. And you can be sure to have a healthy day all day long with your body fitness as a clue to your everyday wellness. As it’s popularly said “health is wealth” so for a perfect and continuous day it’s essential to have yogurt once in a day and this can be in any format either as recipes, including it in your smoothies, taking it as a whole.

The issue of lactose is also an important point to discuss as some people are lactose intolerance and may see yogurt as a no go area for them, though yogurt is made from milk but contain a less amount of lactose compare to milk, this is because the lactose in yogurt has already been converted to lactic acid and this is as a result of the actions of cultured bacteria and in return will help lessen the lactose intolerance in such individual, so people with this phobia should worry less as yogurt is also okay for you to take.

We can see the health benefits of this yummy meal as stated above, the number of yogurt available is increasing rapidly daily as different brand make different varieties, it’s essential to know the lowfat and nonfat brand, this is to know what the body requires, people with high cholesterol level should check labels to be specific and certain of what they are buying to be on safer side so as not to complicate health issues.

Sweeteners are added to yogurt this day to suppress its sour taste (plain yogurt) and this has been diluting the benefits that should be derived from the wholesomeness of the product thus bringing it to a lesser value, if a yogurt container is picked and the first thing observed is the sugar content then it’s not a right choice for you, you can go further to purchase a rich calcium and vitamin D yogurt to derive all the benefit embedded in it.

To avoid this situation I will advice you to make your yogurt yourself as it’s better monitored that way and you are sure of all the essentials put to it especially adding all kinds of fruits to add their own healthy compounds to it and making you free from sugar content but giving yourself an organic way to life.


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