What is a High Protein Diet?

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In this article we will try to put more light on High Protein Diet. There is no way you can achieve a healthy living without a healthy diet. Many people are into making money to the extent that they forget taking care of themselves and only realize it when it is too late. Most of the people may not know or realize it but a healthy living is the key to a healthy lifestyle and longer life. Don’t wait for your body to remind you that you need to keep yourself well and healthy. Don’t wait to waste money in the name of regaining your shape or health status,and as they say ”prevention is better than cure” the main reason why I am an advocate for a healthy living through a healthy eating habit.

 High Protein Diet

So what is a High Protein Diet?

To get answer on what is a High Protein Diet we must ask first what is this healthy eating habit? A healthy eating habit involves taking of foodstuffs that provide you with nutrients that are essential to your body. There are several ways of achieving this, all you have to do is to ensure that the substance that you take in is helpful to your body. To do this, you must know what nutrients you need most. Not to say that there are some nutrients which are bad to your body, but there are some nutrients which can be helpful only when taken in small quantities e.g. fats and starch.

When taken in large quantities, the body will convert them to other forms which are more of a disadvantage than an advantage. One of the most important nutrients that the body will be in constant need of are proteins.

Proteins are very important because they are the basic building blocks of cells. Because of this, they are widely involve in building and repairing of our body tissues. Considering that our body tissues wear and tear every day, proteins should be made an essential component of our diet. You should also know that our body tissues do not waste away only because of wear and tear but also because our day to day activities lead to burning of calories which are obtained from breaking down some of these tissues. These combination of events lead to a lot of losing of protein products.


Considering that some amino acids, byproducts of proteins after they have been broken down, can only be obtained from our food since they cannot be synthesized in our bodies, it is essential that one takes enough proteins daily.

A diet that is rich in proteins is what is called a high protein diet and from the few roles that we have learned proteins play in our lives, it is important that this remains a constant part of your diet.


High-protein foods that can be part of your high-protein diet

Now that you have known the importance of proteins to your body, you may be wondering, where can I get this protein from? Fortunately for us, this is not mind racking issue because there are several high protein foods of all types and tastes. Whether you take meat or you are a vegan, this should not worry you because whatever side you are in, there are sources that can satisfy your protein need. Proteins that are obtained from animals are known as animal proteins while those obtained from plants are plants proteins. Is there any difference between plant and animal proteins? The answer is yes, there is a difference. The main products of proteins on digestion is amino acids. There are different types of amino acids and the main difference between plant and animal proteins lie in the type of amino acids.


Generally, amino acids are classified into two broad categories namely essential and nonessential. The categories are based on how much a certain amino acid is needed in the body. There are some amino acids which can be synthesized by our bodies which makes them not very vital to our bodies as the body can make their own hence the name non-essential. For the essential amino acids, there is no any other way of obtaining them apart from digesting some specific proteins.

The main difference between plant and animal proteins lies on the type of amino acids that can be acquired from them. Though you can get some essential amino acids from plant proteins, animal proteins are known as the best producers of essential amino acids.

The main reason why animal products contain most of the essential amino acids is because amino acids are the main structural components of a cell and since this is what makes this products, there are in great abundance in them. Name any animal product and you will not miss proteins among their main nutrient content. Fish, poultry, eggs, dairy etc. are some of the animal products that you can rely on your daily source of proteins. Although they have been mentioned to be rich in essential amino acids, animal proteins do not have the highest concentration of proteins. They may be rich in essential amino acids but plant proteins lead the way when it comes to protein concentration. This however does not make them superior or inferior over the other, each have their own role to play in our diets and unless you narrow it down to a specific component, each have their own advantages and disadvantages.


Animal proteins can be identified as the complete proteins in terms of the essential amino acids that they can give but that does not mean that a vegan cannot get all the essential amino acids. Plant proteins also do contain essential amino acids but so far, there is no one single plant that has been known to produce all essential amino acids.

Some say that soy has the ability but that is not proven yet. Since different plants will contain different essential amino acids, it means that for you to obtain all amino acids, you will have to take different types of plants. Some of the plants that are known to be rich in proteins are soy, peanuts and other nuts, lentils and beans among many others.

To make a protein rich diet, it is important to get different foodstuffs that are rich in different types of proteins to ensure that you have all the types of amino acids with you. There are many protein rich recipes online but just to be sure that you have the right thing, always cross check the contents of each ingredient.



High protein diets

Here are the list of the good Protein Sources:

It is highly recommended to choose protein sources that are  lower in calories and saturated fat but rich in nutrients and they are as follows:

  • Eggs
  • Beans
  • Seafood
  • Lean meats
  • Soy
  • Low-fat dairy
  • Nuts and seeds

It’s a good idea to be creative and change or mix up your protein foods. For instance,  you could have lentils or beans that will give you not only protein but fiber as well as, other fish or salmon which is rich in omega-3s, you can add almonds in your oatmeal or on your salad you can walnuts for a better taste.


The importance of a protein-rich diet

There are many health benefits of proteins. The most important advantage of a protein rich diet is the general growth of the body. This will be most important to kids and teens in adolescents as this is the time that one experiences rapid growth. As discussed earlier, proteins are very important in tissue development and this is very crucial when one is experiencing rapid growth as it is in these stages. It will also be helpful to the sick and the injured since it helps repair the worn out cells and replacing all the lost tissue. Pregnant mothers also need this a lot as they need to support their growing fetuses in terms of providing enough food for both of them. To avoid rapid wasting away of tissues in old people, this will also be encouraged in their diets. Generally, anybody who needs exponential increase in body tissue development will need to take high amounts of proteins.


Protein rich diets have also been identified as an important component in a weight reduction diet. For those who are overweight and would like to drop some kilograms, this would be the best diet to undertake because of several reasons. The first one is that it helps one to consume lesser and hence avoid excess fats.

Have you ever noticed that when one takes a protein-rich diet it will take them a little more of time for them to feel hungry again? Well, this is how a protein-rich diet will help you cut on your weight. By making you to feel full, you will avoid taking a lot of food and hence cutting down on the reserves that come with taking a lot of food. It also feels you up faster and hence avoids taking excess food. In comparison to carbohydrates, it can also be broken down easily and hence is easier to burn it out. You are however advised to choose your proteins wisely when it comes to weight matters and also not to shy away from exercises as it works well with the diet if your main target is to lose weight.

Generally, proteins are the building blocks of a healthy body. Or what will you say about some nutrient that helps in building almost all the components of your body, chemical and physical included?


A healthy lifestyle means a healthy body and vice versa and there is no way that you can strike proteins away from your diet and expect to maintain any of the aforementioned. Without proteins, your body chemicals will be unbalanced because they are the ones that together with other nutrients make hormones, enzymes and several other body chemicals. Without these, the body functions will be greatly disturbed and it will also affect the emotions of a person. You should also note that they are one of the main building blocks of muscles, bones, cartilage, blood and skin. Basically, they are involved in building of almost everything in the body.

Although it may sound all good when talking about this essential product, you are also advised against taking anything that promises you great protein returns. You should always look at the big picture and analyze anything that you take for the sake of healthy living. Some will react well to animal proteins while others will not. In this regard, you are advised to choose your foodstuffs well not just because you say it work on some celebrity but because you know it will be a fountain of good health for you. Always choose your food wisely.

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