High Protein Foods

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Proteins are a group of food made up of molecules that are composed of amino acids. Our bodies require a lot of protein for various functions within the body and this makes proteins a very important part of our diets. We need about 20 different types of amino acids and while some of these can be produced by our own bodies, there are some which we need to consume regularly via our food.


Proteins are very important in helping to build muscles in the body and they act as a building block for our bodies. Proteins are useful in repairing damaged body tissues, making antibodies that offer us protection and are also major components of various enzymes and hormones that are vital for different processes within our bodies.

Apart from muscles, most of the organs of our body are made up of protein hence, it is important that we consume the right amounts of proteins required for healthy living. The more an individual is involved in physically straining activities, the more protein they require in their diet.


Food high in Protein

There are foods that have high protein content and they are highly recommended so as to ensure that you get the required amounts of proteins.
Most nuts such as cashew nuts and peanuts contain some protein. Peanuts, however, contain plenty of proteins relative to their size. They contain a lot of proteins and magnesium and dietary fiber thus can help you to feel full and eat less. This has led to them being suggested as a good snack for those who are one a weight loss journey. Peanut butter, made from peanuts, is also a great source of dietary proteins.

There are numerous types of fish and since fish are eaten, they provide protein in the form of animal proteins. Fish are a great source of proteins because they contain healthy fats, therefore providing proteins while also reducing chances of fat-related conditions and diseases. Apart from having proteins, fish also have fatty acids that are great for the heart search as omega-3. Some of the most popular fish include Tuna and Salmon. Tuna is especially healthy because it has a low quantity of fats and calories; hence, most of what it provides are healthy proteins.

Milk is one of the healthiest and natural beverages that one can find. Although there are many adults who are milk intolerant, milk does provide great nutrition for the body because it has almost all the nutrients required by the body. It contains many proteins as well as vitamin B, calcium which is great for bones and teeth, and phosphorous. One cup of whole milk will have about 10 grams of proteins on average.
One of the best natural sources of proteins is eggs. Eggs contain not only proteins but other healthy nutrients as well such as vitamins, antioxidants, and healthy fats. Eggs have a high content of proteins especially the egg whites. Due to the high amount of protein, eggs are healthy but one is advised not to over indulge and should not eat too many eggs or It will lead to health issues.

Chicken is a good source of protein, albeit if you eat it without the skin. This is because the chicken skin contains a lot of fats. With the skin removed, chicken is a healthy and protein-rich food especially the chicken breasts which are easy to cook and has a lot of meat. 1 chicken breast can have over 50 grams of proteins.

Beef has a high protein content and fat content as well, therefore, you are advised to go for lean beef which has little fat content and more of meat. It is high in proteins as well as other nutrients such as Vitamin B and Iron which are also important for the human body. Beef has a lot of proteins and 100 grams of beef can have up to 25 grams of protein or more.
Lentils are a type of proteins that fall into the category of legumes. They are one of the best sources of plant proteins and other healthy nutrients including iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium as well as dietary fiber.



High protein low carb foods

High protein low carb foods are basically foods that contain a lot of proteins but at the same time have very little carbohydrates. They are a healthy group of foods providing you with the required amount of proteins while ensuring that you do not end up overweight.
Just like tilapia, catfish can be farmed and they pack a protein punch with relatively low carbs. Whether you grill it, fry it or use your preferred cooking method, catfish will provide you with a lot of protein without you having to worry about the carbs.

Most beans contain a lot of protein yet they are low in carbs. Beans such as pinto beans and soya beans have a high protein content yet relatively low on carb. Whether you consume them as baked beans or have them made into a stew, beans are a great healthy source of proteins.
Salmon is in a group of what is considered to be a super food and this is because of the number health benefits it offers. Salmon is not only low in carbs but it is also rich in healthy fatty acids and oils such as Omega 3. It further has a high concentration of proteins amongst other healthy nutrients essential to the body.

Boiled eggs
Eggs are great sources of protein but in cooking them we usually add other ingredients that raise the number of calories. However, boiling an egg is a great way of preparing it without raising the carb hence keeping them at a minimum while getting a great dose of proteins. You can opt to either prepare hard boiled or soft boiled eggs.
Cottage cheese
Cottage cheese has long been known to be a food of preference for people who are on diet due to the number of carbs it has, but more to that, it contains quite an amount of proteins thus, making it a great choice of food that will provide proteins and is low on carbs. There numerous ways through which you can incorporate cottage cheese into your diet and benefit from it.


High Protein Breakfast Foods

There are breakfast foods that are high in protein content and they provide a great start to the day especially if you are on a training regime or looking to build muscle and lose some fats in the process.
Milk and Cereals
We already know that milk is one of the healthiest beverages, containing minerals and a lot of proteins.  Many people take milk and cereals, however, to ensure that you get as many proteins, go for cereals that have a lot of protein either by being fortified with proteins or they are made from substances that contain proteins naturally.

Toast and peanut butter
Peanuts just like many other nuts contain significant amounts of protein. Therefore, peanut butter that is made out of peanuts also packs a great deal of protein. You can use it as a spread on toast or pancakes or even incorporate it in you breakfast any way that you wish to.
Cheese and eggs
Cheese especially cottage cheese and eggs are known to have a lot of protein, however, you can combine the two to make a power breakfast full of protein. You can scramble the eggs and add cheese or you can put both in a roll and enjoy. There are numerous breakfast recipes that you can use.
Milk and Yogurt smoothies
Smoothies are a great and healthy way to enjoy fruits. If you want a high protein breakfast, make your smoothie using milk or yogurt because they naturally contain proteins. To increase the proteins, you can further add peanuts and avocados or any other ingredient that contains proteins.
Oat grains are a great source of proteins; hence oatmeal made from oat grains offers you plenty of proteins. Take oatmeal as part of your breakfast and you can use water or substitute it with milk for additional protein. You may as well add nuts or fruits to increase the total amount of proteins you get from this breakfast food.



High protein fast food

Although many people will tell you to keep off fast foods if you are looking to stay healthy and fit, there are certain fast foods that offer you a lot of proteins. While some fast foods may be high in carbs and cholesterol, some offer you other important nutrients such as proteins. To get your daily protein requirements, here are some fast foods that you can eat.
Grilled chicken and beef sandwiches
Chicken and beef are great protein sources; therefore, it is no surprise that chicken and beef sandwiches offer a lot of proteins. Grab one of these sandwiches and you get around 32 grams of protein per sandwich.
Sausages and Egg White Sandwich
Still keeping up with sandwiches, apart from sandwiches made from chicken and beef, you can get sandwiches made out of sausages and eggs. These will provide quite a pack of protein and you can increase it by adding peanut butter.
Grilled meat
Meat is generally a great source of proteins, so next time you want to grab some fast food and you want to boost the amount of proteins in your body, go for grilled meat and you can choose from chicken, beef, lamb or pork as they all contain protein. Go for lean meat so as to minimize the amount of fats you take.

Chicken or beef salads
Some fast food joints serve up a meal of chicken or beef with various salads. This is a great meal because the meat will offer you proteins while the salads will offer you vitamins and other crucial nutrients that your body requires.


Proteins are vital for our bodies to function well; build muscles as well as repair wore down and damaged tissues. Ensure you keep a healthy intake of proteins and you can do so with any meal that you take including your breakfast. If you do not have time to cook, grab a fast food that is packed with proteins.


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