What is Hydroxycut? [Comprehensive Review]

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Hydroxycut is a term that probably many people have heard but are not aware of what it actually means. It is imperative to discuss what this jargon means before proceeding to discuss the nitty gritty of the term. In other words, this is a formula used for burning body fat and is mostly the recommended program for those who are looking to cut fat, reduce weight and get some muscles. This can now ring a bell because it is used in many advertisements and commercials.


When most people see this formula on the screen they tend to think that this is one of the chemical compounds being sold in the market. Perhaps that is the reason as to why most people who know about it tend to shy away from it. But according to its manufacturers, it is a herbal supplement that works on the human body by suppressing appetite and consequently increasing the body’s metabolic rate. Research by the manufacturers has also shown that Hydroxycut is the highest selling product when it comes to herbal methods of dieting. It is estimated that over twenty million people every year look for weight loss products and Hydroxycut ranks as the number one of the most preferred.

In the market, Hydroxycut is sold in different formula types like pills, gums, a form of shake or in tablet form. It is a complex combination of different types of natural ingredients which include: caffeine, mint ( vaccinium myrtillus), olive (olea europaea),lady’s mantle ( alchemila vulgaris), komijn (cuminumcyminum) and some other smaller ingredients.

Several leading scientists have placed their support for Hydroxycut due to the success they have witnessed with their patients over time. Their endorsement for this herbal diet has majorly been due to several basic factors about its action on the body:


  • The composition of the major products making up Hydroxycut help to burn calories fast in the body which eventually leads to loss of weight.
  • It helps to burn body fat faster than any other product in the market due to its ability to increase the metabolic rate of the human body.
  • It also helps a person lose appetite for sugary foods which majorly contribute to increased weight. It helps to regulate the blood sugar level. This also has a side advantage that it can help prevent and fight cancer.
  • Its healing properties also help in preventing other digestive system complications like cancer of the esophageal cancer, and feeding complications like bloating and constipation.
  • Besides this, Hydroxycut has an effect on the skin where it rejuvenates it and makes it smooth and beautiful. All this is due to the careful combination of herbal compounds.

In one of the studies performed by the manufacturers, they observed several people for over a period of 12 weeks. The group was divided into two where the first one was exposed to Hydroxycut while the second one was given a placebo for the same period of time. The results were amazing as the ones who took Hydroxycut had lost on average twenty pounds above their counterparts.


How safe is Hydroxycut?

Due to several incidences in the past about purchasing of over the counter drugs, many people are cautious and reluctant to take any substance they see advertised on the screen. On the other hand, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has had its eye on this product due to some major concerns about its safety. The FDA, being the national body entrusted to look at safety issues when it comes to drugs, has keenly been monitoring Hydroxycut for over a period of fifteen years after some people started murmuring about the product.


With all this information the company has also evolved Hydroxycut to the extent that the compliments making it have also changed. The original Hydroxycut released in the first batch is totally different from what you will find in the market today. In order to come to a conclusion on Hydroxycut, it could be wise to look at the evolution of this dietary supplement.


The evolution and history of Hydroxycut

The major constituent of the original Hydroxycut supplement was a compound known in the science world as ephedra. After a couple of research, it was found that this compound could somehow complicate the circulatory system of the human body which could lead to serious conditions like strokes, high blood pressure and eventually heart attacks. This led to the FDA banning all substances that contain ephedra from the market in 2004. To maintain their market share, the manufacturers came up with another idea. By removing ephedra from Hydroxycut, they introduced a concentration of caffeine and hydroxycitric acid. The hydroxycitric acid was majorly a derivative of a plant known as Garcinia Cambogia.

Hydroxycut was then allowed back in the market between 2004 and 2009, other health issues started to arise due to this product. It is reported that the FDA received around 23 cases involving the use of Hydroxycut where the users complained of getting some liver complications due to its use. There was also a case where a 19 year old had died due to the same product. Some of this cases happened as the patients were using the supplement while others reported the liver complications several months after discontinued use. These cases of excessive toxins in the liver led to the FDA banning the product completely. The manufacturers then voluntarily recalled the products from the shelves. It was reported that this reconstituted Hydroxycut led to death due to liver failure. The manufacturers incurred several lawsuits due to this incident which led them to pay injury settlements of over 14 million dollars.


Though this was the conclusion, the researchers never got to know what exactly caused the liver damage. Whether it was the caffeine or the G.cambogia individually or the combination of the two that caused liver failure.


The latest Hydroxycut products in the market

After going through all this trouble over the years, the manufacturers never gave up on their quest to assist people with the problem of weight loss. They went back to the laboratory and removed these two major ingredients that caused such uproar. The main ingredient that remained in their product was caffeine. Caffeine, which is an extract of green tea, has a host of benefits to the body. All natural green tea extracts have not proven to be toxic to the human body to date.

After reformulating Hydroxycut, it still remains the highest selling supplement in stores and on the internet today. To date, there is no proof to show that Hydroxycut has caused any health issues to the users. Though there have been some informal communiqué which claims that it still causes liver damage, no scientific evidence has been presented which proves this.


The latest Hydroxycut product ingredients

Currently the primary supplement goes by the name Hydroxycut Pro. As a family package, it is said to be effective only if combined with a good diet and enough exercise. That is why it is important to consult the help of a health professional before you start using it. In the market today, two 340 mg tablets of Hydroxycut is said to contain the following ingredients/extracts:

  • Goji fruit
  • Caffeine
  • Olive leaf
  • Acerola fruit
  • Lady’s mantle leaf
  • Komjin
  • Blueberry
  • Mint
  • Bilberry fruit
  • Pomegranate seed
  • Silica
  • Tricalcium Phosphate and other small ingredients.

Precautions of Use

As with any other drug, Hydroxycut should be used with caution and the recommended dose should not be exceeded.

  • One should not take more than two tablets within a period of four hours which adds to six tablets within twenty four hours.
  • At night or while sleeping, one should not consume it within a period of five hours.
  • One should take ten glasses of water every day during the period of use.


The recommended dosage therefore is two 340 mg tablets, three times a day. But for a beginner, they should take one tablet for the first three days.

Even though Hydroxycut is the leader in weight loss supplements, it is important to know some of the effects that caffeine can cause; insomnia, headaches, diarrhea, palpitations, irritability, allergic reactions to some people, anxiety, high blood pressure and other smaller effects. Therefore, it is very important to proceed with caution when it comes to using any caffeine products.

The effects of Hydroxycut can also vary from one individual to another, due different variables at the gene level. Enzyme combinations which are supposed to assist the body in detoxing can vary. This can also be the reason as to why some people may have had bad experiences with the product than others. Due to such factors it can be impossible to really determine the effects of the supplement for every individual out there.


Manufacturer’s Take

With their resilience and determination to offer the perfect product for its consumers, the manufacturers do claim the current version of Hydroxycut is the most convenient and efficient herbal remedy to weight loss. According to their statement in their website, by controlling diet alone it is difficult to achieve maximum results. Furthermore, controlling diet is very difficult as it involves the human psychology which modern hotels and food places play with. The aroma, ambience and marketing activities being performed by these food places make it very difficult to resist the temptation of these fat building foods which are not healthy at all. They claim that by use of Hydroxycut, one can significantly notice a change in their body weight within a period of twelve weeks. Of course you will need to combine this with some proper exercise and controlled diet as well. This requires a lot of discipline.



The Hydroxycut journey over time has been very long and challenging. There have been ups and downs for them to reach to the current dosage. There is no evidence of any adverse effects on the current supplement in the market even though some rumors have been there. It is always important to seek professional help when it comes to diet and drugs which does not exempt the use of Hydroxycut. It is important to seek the simple and natural methods of weight loss first before venturing into other alternatives. Some include, sleeping well, managing your stress and taking tea every day. Only when these natural methods fail should one try out Hydroxycut which is the most sought out in the market today.

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