How to Lose Weight Fast

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How often do you, ladies, look at yourselves in the mirror and understand that the image that you would like to see is different from what you actually see there? Have you ever looked at an astonishing dress hidden in your wardrobe for ‘better’ times when you have a body that this dress, as you believe, will suit? When was the last time you had found some amazing jeans in a shopping mall, but as soon as you tried them on, you found out that they revealed the flaws of your body too much, so you had to leave the store without buying them? Is any of that familiar to you? Then you are in the right place, because in a few moments you will read our tips that will help you to get rid of excess body weight in a comparatively short period of time.



Set Your Goal

This number one tip might be pretty obvious, but there is a common strategic mistake that most of people make when they are at the beginning of their way of losing weight – their goal usually sounds like, “I want to lose weight” or “I want to get rid of some kilos.” No, this is too uncertain and vague. Try to be more precise to get a better idea of how many efforts you should make, how much intensity you need to reach your goal. Instead of stating as a matter of fact that you want to lose weight, try to build a certain and clear goal using concrete amount of weight as well as a specific period of time. For instance, ‘I will lose 3 kilos in one month’ or ‘I will lose 7 cm in my waist by the end of the year’. A wording like this will show you a more concrete picture of where you want to be by a specific point in time and how much you have to do to reach the goal by that point in time.


Keep Your Life Active

We completely understand that it is easier to be said than done, especially considering the fact that you have your job, your family, your hobbies, you need to have time to relax and let your body take a break from multitasking that you usually do on a daily basis. It might be not so easy to find several hours per week to go to the gym, besides, some people just do not like working out in the gym. And we have an answer to that – try to combine your daily duties with moving around. Do you have a dog that needs to be walked out? Take it to a park and play with it instead of just sitting on a bench. If you hate sports like going to the gym or going for runs, replace them with any other activities that you might enjoy, whether it is swimming, or cycling, or dancing – the list is endless, and it’s up to you to choose.


In addition, try to use your car less often, try to forget that you have it at all. Do you need to go to a store or to work? Put your car keys away and have a walk instead. Of course, we are not talking about cases when you have to drive for 40 minutes to get to a place, but walking for 20 minutes is not as scary and tiring as you perhaps think. And remember that sports activities shouldn’t be a punishment for you. If you cannot learn to enjoy working out in a gym, find some other activities that you will truly enjoy. Just make being active a more regular part of your life.

In case you already go for work-outs to the gym, we recommend you work out more. It is not about going to the gym more often or exercise for longer time, it is about increasing the intensity of your work-outs. Replace your five-minute breaks with two-minute breaks, learn new exercises that are more difficult to do, or do more repetitions of those ones that you are used to do. Also, pay attention to building more muscle since this will truly boost burning fat. Use the same amount of time with more efficiency, and results will not make wait.


Watch what you eat

Nutrition is one of the most important issues when it comes to losing weight. A lot of people try to reduce the amount of food they eat, which is not bad unless you don’t starve yourself. Remember that under eating will decelerate your losing weight just like overeating does. Another mistake is that some people set themselves a calorie limit and fill that calorie limit with rubbish. What we personally recommend you to do is, try to eat as much healthy and nutritious food as possible. Replace burgers and French fries with raw vegetables and fruit, légumes, whole grains, nuts etc. When you are eating in this way, you are not subjecting yourselves to sodium, which can make you hold water, you are not subjecting yourselves to ‘bad’ fats and refined sugars. The saturated fats and the refined sugars are the ones that will make you crave those foods again and again, which will definitely not help you to lose weight.


One more thing that you should consider practicing is, zig zag your calories. This means, on the days when you exercise, your body needs more calories, whereas on those days when you are less active, feed your body with less amount of calories. If you practice counting calories, try setting a limit on a weekly basis, not on a daily basis. Thus, on your training days you will eat more, on the less active days you’ll eat less, but by the end of the week you will reach the limit of calories that you have set for yourself.


Get enough sleep

According to a studies in ‘Environmental Health Perspectives’ in 2010, lack of sleep has been correlated with health disorders, metabolic disorders, hypertension etc.

Another study, documented in ‘Occupational and Environmental Medicine’ in November 2001, showed that shift workers had high triglyceride level and lower concentration of ‘good’ cholesterol in their body.


A study reported in 2009 in the ‘Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism’ were based on the experiment conducted on two groups of people that were using their regular diet, but one group of people was deprived of sleep. According to the results of the study, those who had the lack of sleep showed increased insulin resistance (which means that body is much more stubborn when it comes to high-fat and high-carb foods and could not process them as well) and decreased tolerance for glucose.

These symptoms are not a good indications  in your plan of losing weight, so we strongly recommend that you have to make sure you sleep enough and do not exhaust your body too much. If you suffer from troubles with falling asleep, try switching off your devices at least one hour before going to sleep. You can find any other things to do that don’t involve using technologies or even having them next to you.



Let the water to be your best friend

Not only can our body sometimes mistake thirst for hunger, but also water is essential to regulate a lot of the processes in our body. Make sure that drinking water is the first thing you do when you wake up. Learn to always have a bottle of water with you. If you find the taste of water too insipid and boring, try adding some fruit or berries into it to make it a little bit more sugary. This will not harm you and make the process of drinking water more pleasant for you. Whatever it is, just make water your number one drink.


Give Yourself A Break From Alcohol

Metabolism of alcohol is in a way different from metabolism of regular foods and liquids. Normally, our body takes energy from carbs, fats and proteins, but in case with alcohol human body will not digest it. Instead, alcohol will immediately be absorbed into the stomach walls and in a few moments will reach our liver and brain. Basically, alcohol makes our body concentrate all the attention on it, whereas carbs and fats that cannot be processed because of the alcohol will turn to deposit in the body.

In addition to that, alcohol dehydrates your body, but not only does your body lose water itself, but also it loses all the necessary minerals (magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc) contained in water, which, as we have already mentioned, is essential for many chemical reactions in your body as well as for muscle activity.


Here is another disadvantage of alcohol – it doesn’t have nutritional value, so by drinking it you just add some useless calories to your limit. Instead, it stimulates your appetite and hunger. Have you ever noticed how many snacks you can eat while drinking wine.  Quite often it is alcohol that makes people overeat. So isn’t it more reasonable to replace calories contained in alcohol with calories contained in healthy food that will actually satisfy your appetite?


Believe In What You Are Doing

Mindset is one of the keys to success. With the right mindset you can accomplish any task and fight with any difficulties that you might face on your way to reaching your goal. However, if you keep telling yourself, “There is no way I’ll manage to do that.” , “Even if I do, I will probably gain those kilos back.”, It is too difficult, I am not ready”,  so on and so forth. Then in the end you will lose all the motivations and will probably fail. Do not expect results  immediately.  As they say: “No pain, No gain”.


Do not be upset if you come back after your third work-out in the gym and don’t see any changes in the mirror. This will not take you ages, but still you will need some patience, confidence and willpower not to give up on the way to your goal. Don’t let the difficulties put you down or stop you. Pay attention to keeping balance between all these aspects of losing weight that we have talked about. Even if you would never think this is more than just about healthy eating and exercising, even if you could never imagine that playing with your dog, or outdoor activities with your children, or getting more sleep can help you to get what you have wanted for so long, all together they can if you pay attention to all these aspects. Remember that you can create this picture of yourself that you wish to see in the mirror one day. Be the main believer in yourself and pretty soon you will conquer your own Everest.

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