Low Carb Foods

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Low carb diet over the ages have been a term that is interpreted by many on what they believe it is, some group believes it’s a deposit of fat foods that comes with a lot health risk while some who have gone through various research and proved that this diet is incomparable to other types of diet based on its importance on human health.

Low carb diet does not only focus on shedding of weights which is the general belief of most people but also serve as an important factor in terms of improving the immune system to work for the greater good of the whole body system including the cholesterol level in the body.


In this text we will be looking at some benefits of low carb foods and diet, reason why it’s important to adopt this kind of diet, some side effects associated with it if there is any. Now will be looking at some of these factors.


Here are the list of  low-carb foods:

  • Fish: Salmon, haddock, trout, and many others. Wild-caught is best.
  • Meat: Chicken, Beef, pork, lamb and others. the best is the Grass-fed.
  • Fruits: Oranges, apples, blueberries, pears and strawberries.
  • Vegetables: Broccoli, cauliflower, spinach,carrots and many others.
  • High-Fat Dairy: Butter, cheese, yogurt and heavy cream.
  • Nuts and Seeds: Walnuts, almonds,sunflower seeds, etc.
  • Eggs: pastured eggs or Omega-3 enriched are best.
  • Fats and Oils: Olive oil, lard, cod fish liver oil, butter and coconut oil.



What is a low carb diet?

This term simply means the reduction of the carb in the diet (carbohydrate) to about 20% in its calories content or reduction of carbohydrate to a reasonable level in the diet especially when a medical expert is involved.

It’s also essential to mention that this diet have been in existence decade back as a matter of fact it can be traced back to the early 70’s when it was first introduced by Dr. Atkins Robert, he was a cardiologist and sometime this diet can be called the Atkins’ diet by some.


Benefits of low carb diet

In this section we will be looking at some benefits of this diet and how it can add value to our everyday life as well as extending our lifespan. One of the most common benefit of this great diet is its contribution to weight loss but we will be focusing on other benefits we can get from consuming this diet.



Rapid weight loss

The most efficient and fast method of shedding a lot of pounds is to go by the low carb diet various type of food. It’s a very simple way, according to various study when compared with low fat diet, it shows that the low carb diet adopted by people tends to help lose weight than people on low fat diet and this is when people on low fat diet are boycotting calories.

The reason for this is not farfetched as low carb reduces the water content or level of the body system which also prompt the reduction of the insulin, thus leaving the kidney with no choice than to release sodium in excess and it’s effect will result into a fast weight loss prior to the first week of its adoption, in some people it may take about two weeks depending on your organs.

The diet is so perfect that when compare to other diets of its form, it does not leave you hungry and it’s 3 times faster in shedding weight.

Studies shows that after a few month of practice let’s say six months, people who shed weight start adding weight and go back to their previous weight status because they fail to be mindful of what they eat.

So it is essential that you stick to this diet on a long term basis to get the best possible result. When you get to that weight goal then you can add other healthy diet with no harm to your new physical appearance.



The good cholesterol

You are wondering what this means already. The good cholesterol is referred to as high density lipoprotein, this is not actually cholesterol but the HDL actually transports cholesterol around the blood as well as the LDL.

The LDL transport cholesterol from the region of the liver to other part of the body but the HDL work in reverse manner to the HDL by transporting the cholesterol away from the body to the region of the liver.

As a matter of fact the risk of heart disease is reduced when there is high level of the HDL, to achieve this high level of HDL you will have to consume a high level of fat, which can be found in the low carb diet.

There is a need to also bridge the gap between triglycerides and HDL as it poses a lot of risk on the heart the triglyceride level must be in check always as this can lead to a fatal heart disease, so the higher the HDL ratio the less risk of heart disease.



Reduce the effect of Type 2 Diabetes

When we consume carbohydrate they go down the tract as simple sugars and when they are eventually in the blood stream, they increase the blood sugar level of the body system.

When the sugar level is high then it becomes toxic, now the insulin takes action either by storing or burning off the glucose (sugar) in the cell. People with healthy life will have the insulin reduce the blood sugar and this will make them free from its harm. But some people are resistant to insulin and this will lead to type 2 diabetes because the insulin is nowhere to be found when it’s needed.

If the low carb diet is adopted, then there is no need to worry about the insulin secretion of the body as both the insulin and the blood sugar level will be reduced.


Hypertension is reduced

When the blood pressure is high, it leads to different type of diseases like strokes, kidney problem and even heart failure surface and other related blood pressure diseases.

According to various study and research conducted, the low carb diet is an effective way to reduce the blood pressure of an individual and will stop various diseases that are related to such.



Reduces stomach problems

Cutting carbs reduces stomach troubles, you will experience little or no gas at all, reduced risk of diarrhea, less stomach cramp and also the issue of heartburns will be corrected.

In this scenario there may be an issue of constipation because the abdominal region is a very sensitive and critical area, if constipation arises try to see a medical expert and get necessary information or direction concerning that so that you will be on the right path to continue the diet plan.


The physical endorsement

The diet provides a great physical endurance by providing all the energy needed to the body. Glycogen level vanishes after some rigorous exercise but the fat store in the body goes by month before it’s exhausted.

When you on the carb diet there is a connection between the brain and the body system which is what is required to go by your daily activities and to have a perfect day filled with the green color (energy) which will enable the spirit to be positive.

When you are subjected to a particular physical work whether an endurance regiment or just some physical prowess or you simply want to attain a certain goal you’re on the right path when you are on this beneficiary diet.



Epilepsy is controlled and monitored

When you are on a ketogenic diet but don’t get it twisted, it’s a strict low carb diet, your epilepsy is controlled especially in student that can’t control themselves when this act begins.

Studies show that both adult and children have been able to deal with seizure when on the ketogenic diet. One of the attribute of this diet is that, it gives room for less intake of the antiepileptic drug which is very rare for an individual to stay seizure free.

Because it is observed that people with epilepsy when on medication tend to have a reduction in their life values like drowsiness, reduced IQ, reduced concentration and change in their personality but with few drugs in their body system will make them to maintain a good internal ecosystem by adopting the ketogenic diet that can certainly help to reduce these risks.


Does the low carb diet have side effects?

We can’t ignore the fact that the low carb diet may suit many individuals, but then it does still have some little challenges to it. To name one of its greatest flaws is that it leaves out or misplace healthy carbohydrate as well as unhealthy carbohydrates where they are substituted for cheese, poultry meats and fish that are rich in fats.

It is believed that when carbs are processed it’s unhealthy to consume. Like breads, cookies candies to name a few, and they must be avoided in our diet or meal. Unprocessed carbs diets are healthy and these are fruits, whole grains, legumes and others.

Also insufficient fat intake and further restriction in carbs are not good for the health, don’t forget the body requires carbohydrate so don’t be an extremist in terms of cutting carb.

When the right procedure is followed in cutting carbs then you are on the right track of healthy life. If it’s your first time of going through this phase you should know exactly what you need to do and you should go by a slow approach so that you won’t be too harsh on yourself and therefore lose interest because you think it’s not for you. Try to see a dietitian, you might work out a good plan for yourself and be happy all over again after achieving your set goals about the diet.

For a healthy life and increased lifespan, with a life that’s not susceptible to disease go for a low carb diet because it comes with all the essentials you might require.

Maintain a healthy life today and create for yourself a bright future that is full of health challenges and opportunities as well, what you are going for depend on the choice you make today. Choose a meal plan that will cater for you health and will make you feel alive as you can see what this meal is capable of bringing you health wise.

Visit your medical personnel if you have any health challenges that can hinder you of not adopting this kind of diet or any type of diet you chose to try and if you have any doubt if it will work for you, having a medical expert or a dietitian will absolutely help and assist you on working out a suitable meal plan when cutting carbohydrate.



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