Low Carbs Fast Food

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If you are on a low carb diet, there are things that often prevent you from getting what you want and push you to plan b. When you don’t have enough money in your pocket to buy appropriate low carb ingredient and time to prepare the food at home. What do you do and you have to eat? Low carbs fast foods are hard to get especially from restaurants since most restaurants offer fast foods that are full of carbs and it may not be easy to get your match on low carbs. However, there are still better options that will get you where you want in terms of low carb diet. Apart from fast foods being convenient, affordable and fast, if you know how to order, you can eat healthy from the restaurants too. Here are a few things that you should know when it comes to placing your order while at the restaurant.


  1. Watch the side dish

Fast foods will always come with side dishes, this is either meant to impress the customer and make you come back or it’s part of make your money count. However, you don’t have to eat all that comes as side dish. Anything that is fried on your side dish is enough suspect of what you are getting yourself into. If there must be something to accompany your entrée, and then make it open find options that will fit in your low carb diet. Ask for fresh fruit cups or exchange the fries with salads if it will not be easy to get fruits. Ensure you have eliminated the possibilities of having fried foods on your fast food plate. If you must have accompaniment, and your restaurant seems to miss on what you want, you can have them with you from home. Yes it may sound crazy but you can always bring your vegetables and fruits from home to your restaurant and have a healthy and nutritious meal.

  1. What about condiments

Fast foods condiments will often add a lot of calories and fat in the body. Condiments such as oil-based sauce and mayonnaise are rich in calories and fats while others although they have no fats and are low in calories, are rich in sodium. Therefore, it is important to be cautious on what wraps your fast food package. Take keen interest on the ingredients and know the concentration of everything used in preparation. Ensure that, although some concentration will be higher, you take the options with the lowest calories and sodium.


  1. Liquids

After every meal in a fast food restaurant, it is common to have a drink. However, there are drinks that when you order, they will continue in adding the intake of calories and fats in your body. If possible avoid drinks that are rich in fats and calories such as sweetened tea, fruit drinks, soda, shakes and lemonade. These drinks contain calories and fats that don’t add any nutrients to the body. You can either go for no-calorie drink such as water, diet soda or unsweetened tea alternatively; you may choose to refresh yourself with something that has nutritional benefits in your body such as 100% orange juice or the low fat milk.

  1. Consider skipping the bun

The burger is amazing. Probably even the only fast food you eat. The truth is that burgers are probably the healthiest fast foods in the fast food industry today. However, you need to be careful when eating it. While the insides of the burger are healthy, the buns are not. Most are made from white processed flour instead of the whole meal flour that is much healthier. As a result, you find that you have eaten more calories than you wanted. If you notice your bun is not made from wholemeal flour, you can just eat the insides with a fork and skip the buns. Alternatively you can choose the lettuce wrapped burger that does not come with the buns.


  1. Say no to deep fried foods

One thing you are certain about is that deep fried foods are harmful to your health. Not only do they add the amount of calories you consume each day, but studies show that they are addictive too. When out with friends or when you decide to indulge in fast foods, always ask for something that is not deep fried. Because more and more people today are avoiding these, most fast food chain stores have broiled, roasted and even grilled chicken which is often not breaded or battered. In case you do not find this option, pinch and remove the battered skin. This way you will only eat the meat. Limit French fries or ask for baked ones.

  1. Watch your portions

One thing you might have noticed about fast foods is that you never seem to feel full and when you do, you have probably eaten too much. Just as you would with your regular meals, watch your portions when it comes to fast foods too. If you can, share your food with a friend. If you are alone, you can opt to eat half and take the other half home with you. Research shows that eating smaller meals gives your body more time to digest, prevents water retention and keeps you from having a bloated stomach. Even with fast foods, maintaining your portions will ensure you do not overeat and that your body has enough time to digest and use up the food you eat instead of storing it.



Benefits of low carb fast foods

Weight loss

You will never lose weight exclusively on a low carb diet. Scientific studies show that not consuming a lot of carbohydrates means that your body will not store any fat. It will also be prompted to use up the stored fat as energy. This way you will have lean meat and muscles because you are consuming low carb fast foods. Your exercise and diets will finally work for your weight loss goals.

Improved blood pressure

Becoming a victim to cardiovascular diseases is very easy. It all depends on your blood pressure. If your blood pressure is not regulated, chances are, you are exposing your body to the risks of heart disease and stroke. However, studies have indicated that people with obesity or overweight,  follow low carb diet, are able to lower their blood pressure significantly and in return, their health turns out to be regulated with minimum risks.


Improves blood sugar

People with metabolic syndrome have a reason to smile and take better control of their health. If you have diabetes embracing low carbs diet will help you reduce levels of glycated hemoglobin and fasting glucose. This gives your blood sugars a plus therefore; you will not have to solidly depend on the insulin injections and medication.

Reduces insulin resistance

There is a direct relation between cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance. However, insulin resistance is a common problem especially to individuals with metabolic syndrome since it’s related with abnormal lipid profile. Scientific studies have proved that, restriction your body to low carbohydrate diets significantly lowers insulin resistance as compared to the most common low fat diet.

In addition, with reduced insulin resistance, high insulin levels will drop. (Hyperinsulinemia) a scientific name for high insulin levels in the blood is an independent factor associated with coronary heart disease. In other words, lowering insulin levels is more beneficial to the body in general and the easiest way out is ensuring to monitor carbohydrate intake and insulin levels will decrease.

CRP will reduce

CRP is a known inflammatory marker and is measured in blood. In high sensitivity, C-reactive protein is associated with cardiovascular risk. Strict low carbs diet has proved through several studies to reduce the levels of C-reactive protein in the blood which significantly, reduces inflammation.


Another important factor of low carb fast food such as bacon and eggs for breakfast is that, you will remain full for longer hours than any other diet plan that you may think of to help in losing weight. Apart from its simplicity in preparation, it’s the fastest fast food that is readily available in all fast food centers. Taking this fast food for breakfast there is a probability that you will not have to go back for lunch. Therefore, it will help you save cash, lose weight and gain a celebrity body shape.

As you take on the fast foods options due to various requirements, ensure to take a background check of what you wish to order prior to the actual order. Be positive about what you consume, because in either way, you still need an improved health style and a nutrient full body.

As you take on fast foods, embrace the culture of hitting the gym once in awhile. This way, it will be easy to stay healthy even after you have eaten extra handful carbs from the fast foods while you were on vacation. However, it’s important to cut down carbohydrates intake for you to:  Stay healthy and be physically fit.


What to eat on a low carb breakfast

In an ideal world, you would never eat fat filled unprocessed food. Instead, you would always prepare yourself a healthy breakfast and enjoy healthy meals. However, you rarely live in an ideal world, most of the time you are in a hurry and do not have the time to prepare breakfast which is the important meal of the day.The nutritional fact remains that you should not skip breakfast. There are several options you have. Below are the most common foods that are always present when preparing breakfast:


Tea or coffee

If you like to have a hot beverage with your breakfast, tea or coffee are great options. However, always avoid the coffee options that have a lot of sugar. Limiting the number of cups you have in a day will also help make your breakfast healthier.

Opt for eggs

Eggs are a great way to start your day. Not only are they packed with a lot of protein, they also help you feel fuller for longer. This means that you can avoid snacking during the day if you begin your day with the right meal. There are also many different ways to have your eggs. You can opt to have it in your sandwich or have pancakes.


Some  Low Carb breakfast that you can prepare are:

  • Eggs and Vegetables, Fried in Coconut Oil
  • Cream Cheese Pancakes
  • Cowboy Breakfast Skillet
  • Bacon And Eggs
  • Skillet-Baked Eggs with Spinach Chili Oil and Yogurt
  • Egg and Cottage Cheese Savory Breakfast Muffins


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