What is a Military Diet?

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Social media is a platform where all sorts of information about weight loss thrive. In the past years, the talk has always been about how pills and fads can help one lose weight. However, in the recent past, the platform has been on blaze with the Military Diet story.

Do you believe one can lose some pounds, precisely 10 pounds by eating ice cream?

Military Diet – lose weight eating

This sound too good to be true, right? Nevertheless, this is the real deal behind taking on the military diet. It is the slogan that is meant to allure people into taking this strict eating regimen with the intention of losing weight. Since, our world today is dominated by the over weights and the obese, a condition that is attributed to poor lifestyles and diets, the military diet brings hope to these people. Yes, they all get to cut off those extra kilos within three days under the strict diet plan.

 What is a Military Diet

A military diet, which is also called a three-day diet, therefore, refers to a fast way of losing weight.
It particularly involves taking in a mean plan that is intended to cut off ten pounds in just a week. In fact, the military diet is at present ranked, as one of the most prevalent diets in the world, with millions of people taking a shot at it, whether with the intention of testing waters or with the curiosity of seeing the plan really works. Most amazing truth, is that the diet is free; also there is no particular book that is specific for particular individuals nor is the meal expensive. All one needs is just a routine of what to take in, in a three-day plan, which is followed by a four day off, until the desired results are met.

The military diet plan was first designed by nutritionists of the United States Military as a way of getting soldiers into top shape, as quickly as possible.
Since then, the world has taken in the information, and everyone is trying it on their own to see if it really works. However, there is no particular government or military institution affiliated with the establishment of this meal plan. The military diet is therefore referred to as the army diet, navy diet or the ice cream diet, as you will further assess its components in the discussion that follows.

Military Diet Plan

How does the Military Diet work?

The military diet is usually first divided into two phases for a period of seven days.

The meal takes on a strict plan in which, for the first three days, one must eat low calorie foods for breakfast, lunch and supper. The diet recommends that no particular snack to be eaten in between the diets at any one time. During this phase, an individual is supposed to have taken in roughly, 1,100 to 1,400 calories a day. The amount is so much lower than what an average grownup ingests in a day. Nonetheless, it is the responsibility of the person to check on frequently their calorie requirements in order to know when they reach the desired threshold for the day. In the second phase, is a four-day period, within a week. During this phase, an individual is only encouraged to eat in a healthy manner and to observe low calorie meals.

Proponents claim that for the military diet plan to give successful results, it as to be followed repeatedly, several times until the desired results are obtained.

It can be observed week after week, with an auto rotation of the three-day plan with strict calorie restriction with the four-day plan with fewer calorie restrictions. The military diet targets those individuals who often find themselves in need of losing weight within a very short period. For example, there could be an upcoming wedding, a birthday, a holiday party among many others. In these events, people often find themselves wanting to shed off some pounds within the shortest time possible, for them to fit in that particular “slim dress they want” or that perfect body shape they need. Whichever, the reason, the result has to be obtained and military diet comes in handy.

does the Military Diet work

Most importantly, for the diet plan to work, an individual needs to have a strong will power to follow it systematically until the results are obtained.

The fact that the strict regulations of the calories only appear in the first three days, makes it look easy and manageable. However, a lot of sacrifice is required. If one is not able to endure the sacrifice in order to lose that extra fat through taking in junk, then they should not expect miracles to happen. Strong will power will help them hang in there for successful outcome. Most of the foods in the meal are chosen for their low calories. They also have proteins, fats and carbs in limited amounts, which usually interact in a special way.

The foods are meant to kick start an individual’s body into action, by burning out body fat faster in a short time frame with the overall effect of reduced weight.

Increasing the intake of water is very important to the body during the diet plan to help in flushing out any toxins that may have accumulated in the body. Water contains no calories and plays a key role in suppressing the person’s diet, thus helping them to cope with the strict diet limits. After the three days of intense diet control, comes a four day off, a period in which the body ensures it maintains its active metabolism rates instead of slowing down, as is observed on other types of diet. In these four days, one is advised to continue taking in fewer calorie than normal as a way of keeping the body metabolism active.


3 day Military Diet Plan

The military diet plan is usually a very simple diet plan that is strictly followed for three days. In each particular day, there are three meals eaten, which when followed correctly in the right amount, will give the body the ability to start the burning of fat from the body stores. The low calorie intake creates a calorie deficit in the body, which prompts the body to obtain the required energy from the stored fats, an action that burns out fat from its storage centers. The diet plan has no special foods, no food diaries or calorie counting. All that is required is following the plan as directed each day. The meal is taken in at particular time of the day, and no snacking is allowed once a person gets into the plan.

Military Menu Day 1:
The whole of day one menu is approximated to be about 1,400 calories.

For Breakfast, an individual is encouraged to drink:

coffee or tea: 1 cup but must contain caffeine, which is a mild stimulant.

The coffee should be accompanied with a:

wholegrain toast: 1 slice

With peanut butter:  2 tablespoons.

Grapefruit: ½ serving

3 day Military Diet

During the Lunch hour, the diet plan recommends taking in of a:

Tuna: 1 /2 cup

Wholegrain toast: 1 slice

And caffeinated coffee or sometimes tea

For Dinner, the person is supposed to eat:

Any type of meat: 3 ounces

Apple: 1 small piece

Banana: ½ serving

Green peas: 1 cup

Vanilla ice cream: 1 cup

This is the first day intake and has to be strictly adhered to.

Military Menu Day 2:

After the day one meal, the body has already been jump kicked to start of its fat burning process. The day two meal is meant to keep this fat burning process active. It usually involves an intake of approximately, 1,200 calories by the end of the day.

For the Breakfast, an individual should eat:

Egg prepared in any style: 1 piece

Whole grain toast:  1 slice

Banana: ½ serving

Military Menu Day 2

During the Lunch time session, a person should eat:

Saltine crackers: 5 pieces

Cottage cheese:  1 cup

Hard-boiled egg: 1 piece

And for Dinner:

Broccoli: 1 cup

Hot dogs (without buns): 2 pieces regular size  

Carrots: 1/2 cup

Banana: ½ serving

Vanilla ice cream: ½ cup

It will keep the body active in burning fats to the day three meal.

Military Menu Day 2

Military Menu Day 3:
This is the last day of the intense phase one-meal plan of strict diet restrictions. By the end of the day, one takes in approximately 1,100 calories.

The Breakfast involves an intake of:

Apple: 1 small piece

Saltine crackers: 5 pieces

Cheddar cheese: 1slice

Over the Lunch period, an individual is encouraged to take in:

Toast: 1 slice

Hard-boiled egg: 1 piece

During Dinnertime, the diet plan recommends an intake of:

Tuna: 1 cup

Banana: ½ serving

Ice cream, vanilla flavor: ½ cup

Once one is done with the three-day plan, he or she is supposed to eat and exercise normally for the following four days.

After the one-week diet plan is over, the individual should check out for the body weight. If he or she has not attained their required target, then the person can enroll for a second week of military diet plan. The person continues with the cycle until he or she loses all the weight they wish to cut off. Additional foods and spices that can often be allowed in the diet plan include:

Splenda, broth, small amounts of mustard, lemon pepper, small amounts of relish, sugar free gum and mints and salt or pepper, but no other seasoning.

Military Diet results:

If an individual strictly follows the above outlined meal plan, then they should lose an approximate of ten pounds in a week, which is equivalent to 4.5 kg loss. As long as the person does not overeat during the four day off period, keeps a daily intake of not more 1,500 calories, avoids taking in alcohol and sugary drinks, then he or she should expect positive outcome in a week’s time. After having the first positive results in the first week, one feels really encouraged and motivated to take on the plan for even a month. The longer the military diet plan is practiced, the better the expected outcome, which leads to an acute loss of weight in a short time.

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