Oil Pulling and its Health Benefits

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Going through the internet, there are many natural meal we can find to balance up our everyday activities, so much of diets to add value and benefits to our health status, choosing a particular diet that suit our body system may seems unattainable because of its assurance on the body system.

Going through diet that ranges from a drink (yogurt, kefir), to recipes (low carb), probably going organic, a meal that’s is free of gluten and now to oil pulling. The question that often comes to the mind remains am I really benefiting from this diet, yes you are, it does not happen all of a sudden with you going through the diet procedure everyday you reach that healthy goal you which to attain.

In this text we will be looking at the benefits and other effects of Oil Pulling, this is a new trend that people are yet to notice and I will be bringing in details what we can benefit from this awesome practise.


What is Oil Pulling?

According to history and research this oral practice have been put in use by ayurvedic Indians as a way of combating cases of toothache, tooth decay, gum troubles and even plaque. In a nutshell they use the practice of oil pulling to remove toxins, and this does not extend to the teeth alone, but also the mouth in general as well as the throat. So we can see the great importance as of why this practice is the best way to get a complete oral health.

So we can say Oil pulling procedure or technique involve the intake of about 1-2 tablespoon (depending on the user) of sesame oil into the mouth and swishing for a period of 15 minutes on an average and 20 minutes maximum just like as you get around with the mouthwash. After completing the swishing process which does not come with any pain then you spit out the content in your mouth and rinse your mouth with fresh water, you can be sure all the toxins causing harm have been pulled out and your mouth are free from the unwanted elements.

Am sure now you are thinking of your fluoride mouth washes, it’s okay if you are doing that now, am sure you are also comparing the effectiveness of the two, don’t forget the oil pulling technique according to research have been in place since ages and it’s found to be very effective to the oral part of the body and comes with no sting or pain at all.

The practice is not specific to a certain type of oil, you can use your sesame oil as well as your coconut oil or the olive oil.


How does it work?

We all know the nature of oil and how it can easily get in between any tightly packed materials, the teeth is no difference to this technique, when the oil get in between the teeth it removes harmful components that can be found in this region, as a matter of fact your toothbrush can’t remove this for you all it does is to remove seen materials amidst the teeth and not between it, am sure you are understanding my claims. So when using a tablespoon of any of your preffered oil and you are thinking of going for the 20 minute time interval you don’t have to necessarily wait doing nothing for that period of time, you can go about your morning routine with oil in your mouth swishing it around and after the completion of that spit out and go ahead with other routine. Can you see how convenient this can be, it comes with less stress, please make sure you spit the oil out before it become reabsorbed and you can do this immediately you feel it becomes thickened and you can perfect the whole process by furthering brushing your teeth as you know the whole idea is to get out the harmful bacteria and toxins away from the mouth.


Health Benefits of Oil pulling

We have discuss the essentials to know about oil pulling, now it’s time to know what benefits the oil pulling is accompanied with. As we go further in this text, we will be looking at the top health benefits of oil pulling.

Fight and remove bacteria

There is a specific type of bacteria that lives in the crevices region of the mouth, it is called candida and streptococcus. The function of the oil is to remove these bacteria and the toxin that emit to the mouth and helping to secure a healthy status in the oral part.

Since digestion begins from the mouth it’s very important that we know what we take in as food so that our immune system and the digestive system will not be weakened.

According to research the virgin coconut oil has a great effect on microbial and fungal activities of candida, so as a result of this thesis, coconut oil can be used to combat candida if pharmaceutical drug is failing to do that, again it’s a plus for us to know what we can use to combat this bacteria.

To kill dangerous bacteria in the mouth and to ease digestive process and to further boost our immune system in order to fight invaders it’s very important to adopt this technique.

Gingivitis and plaque are kept at bay

Gingivitis occurs due to the presence of microbial agent (microorganisms) in the mouth and this is caused by plaque.

Now how does the oil pulling have a positive effect on plaque, very easy, after completing the procedures the film on the teeth, left as a result of the technique will keep off plaque on the teeth. History have it that when sesame oil or sunflower oil is used, the plaque causing gingivitis is no where to be found, if at all you have the gingivitis already with consistent application of this procedure the plaque is expect to discontinue within the period of a month and half, yes, 45 days! Also it’s not only applicable to sesame oil or the sunflower oil, you can also adopt the coconut oil as it’s edible and also research as prove that it’s very effective on this subject matter.

No worries about bad breath

Everybody is conscious of the odour that emanate from him. Bad breath (malodor) or Halitosis can be as a result of bacteria present in the mouth region.

Chlorhexidine an ingredient found in most mouthwash have been seen to combat plaque gingivitis but at the long run may leave your teeth with stains which we all try to avoid also hence, it’s very important we go by the natural and yet effective way to get this done.

After various study have been conducted, it’s concluded that sesame oil have a significant reduction of plaque and should be adopted as natural way of keeping an oral hygiene and it’s also cheap as compared to the mouthwash available in the market.

Healthy gums

As we all get the scope that the oil pulling is about pulling out oral diseases, in addition to this,  its effect also extend to pulling out harmful toxins from the mouth, and this in return provide a good healing environment for the body. So the gum will start to heal itself, inflammation will be reduced until it disappear, loosen teeth will be tightened and pain felt in the teeth region will stop. So when your gum is in a healthy mode it becomes pink and your teeth as white as snow all this can be attain with this simple, easy and convenient technique.

Balance the whole body system

When there is an oral hygiene the body system will be at its best, as there will not be any invaders that will attack different organs in the body even the skin will be at its best as there is no any toxic release from the saliva, the hormones will be at their best and will balance up to meet different criteria as it’s supposed to. Proper detoxification of the body and energy increment will be perceived.

These are all the essentials the body needs to perform at its peak to aid proper functioning and this also can be achieved when we follow the oil pulling techniques.


Does Oil Pulling have a side effect?

There is no side effect towards this remarkable techniques, as it’s a natural and already an ancient practice that comes with great benefits to human health in general, as we know the impact of oil in life is not only in cooking but in other part of our life, oil has always been a way of making things to be easy and can add a soothing touch to whatever applicable. Even the use of oil to ease body pain (ointment as an example) and also for massage to mention a few.

The only side effect that can be generated from this procedure which is not really a side effect is when you want to completely erase brushing of the teeth with oil pulling this may increase the potential of completely erasing of gingivitis as you need brushing to complete the process, the oil is to ease the function of the brush so they work hand in hand to get to the point of eradicating gingivitis.

Some manufacturers of oil may not reach purity as it may contain harmful elements such as lead, mercury or arsenic, this can be very dangerous and may cause great adverse effect on the oral health of human, so we must avoid this kinds of oil just go through the makeup of what you are buying before carting it away and eventually used for the process.



So for an effective and hygienic mouthwash that comes in a natural way, that has no pain at all and leaves the teeth and the gum in a healthy state, will give the whole body system with a proper and functioning organs and the hormones in the right balance, adopt the oil pulling techniques as it’s of great benefits to the body and soul.

With no side effect and a great benefit in which you can use your desired type of oil, then the oil pulling technique should be part of your daily routine and you can introduce it to your  friends who are not yet aware of this method. Don’t forget health is wealth.

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