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Spirulina is a naturally occurring algae that is rich in nutrients including proteins, anti-oxidants., B vitamins and others. It is regarded as one of the most powerful source of proteins available in the plant kingdom. Spirulina is a plant with a long history and dates back billions of years ago.


It is green bluish in color and is purchased as powder, tablet or supplement for improved health benefits. It is known as a super food because of its high protein value and other important nutrients. It has about 65% proteins, a percentage that is very rare to find in a plant species. This is to say that it has all the required sources of amino acids and provides the healthiest way to boost your protein intake especially for vegetarians. It is the best substitute for animal proteins which sometimes lead to health complications.

Among its most notable nutrients include Vitamins, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, and vitamin C, A, D, and E. However, this plant is not a good source of Vitamin B12 for humans because it version is not absorbable in humans.



  • Contains essential acids like omega 3’s, 6’s and 9’s
  • High chlorophyll value that helps one to boost his/her immune system
  • It’s a good source of iron that is suitable for pregnant women
  • Contains beta carotenoids that helps the immune system and the skin
  • Contains calcium that helps in bone and teeth development for children
  • Contains micro nutrients like potassium, copper, chromium , zinc, manganese, and others



Spirulina benefits

Here are the benefits of Spirulina:

  1. Anti-inflammatory properties

Spirulina has about 65% protein and amino acids which also includes essential fatty acid gamma linoleic acid (GLA) that is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties. GLA is a very rare fatty acid that is usually created by the body but absent in many foods and food supplements. Nonetheless, Spirulina is the one and only plant that has a natural GLA content.

  1. Balances blood sugar level

Studies show that spirulina is a valuable medication which is able to balance blood sugar level in the body and is used to remedy diabetes in some cases. It is known to also lower HbA1c, a well-known maker of blood sugar levels.

  1. Antioxidant

Spirulina is a powerful antioxidant which is used to protect body cells from damage. Consumption of adequate amounts of antioxidants from natural sources is, therefore, a great way to keep healthy. All these health benefits are found from the consumption of spirulina. The anti-oxidant in spirulina is known as phycocyanin, which is also a powerful anti-inflammatory.


  1. Allergy reduction

Research studies show that spirulina is an effective way of managing allergies and allergic reactions by certain people. It reduces inflammation which results into a reduction in nasal congestion, sneezing and itching.

  1. Removes heavy metals from the body

Spirulina has properties which enables it to bind with heavy metals in the body and remove them. Its high levels of chlorophyll also helps to flush out toxins from the blood and improves the body’s immune system. It is also beneficial in radioactive therapy because it readily binds with radioactive isotopes in the body.

  1. Muscle endurance

Spirulina has the ability of increasing fat burning during workout sessions due to its antioxidant content. It reduces exercise-induced oxidation which is a major cause of muscle fatigue and a reduced rate of muscle gain. Spirulina powder is a ground dark green powder that is rich in nutrients and has the necessary amino acids including minerals and Vitamins.



Spirulina powder

The spirulina plant, which makes the spirulina powder, grows in natural lakes with high levels of alkaline in a tropical or sub-tropical surroundings. The spirulina powder contains about 63% proteins that exceed, by far, the content value found in most spirulina products. Proteins is known to support body mass. The powder also contains essential amino acids that are useful for body development. This is the reason most vegans and vegetarians prefer it.

Spirulina powder is also dense in micronutrients which contain high concentrations of Iron and B-vitamins. The spirulina powder is made up of 100% spirulina and is also a major source of chlorophyll. Who can benefit from spirulina powder? Spirulina powder is highly suitable for vegans and vegetarians who seek to increase their protein intake. It can also be recommended for people who require a high quality of protein intake which has naturally occurring minerals and Vitamins.


The benefits of Spirulina powder:

  • It is a rich source of minerals and vitamins
  • It is a full source of protein source
  • It improves and enhances muscle mass
  • It as high levels of micronutrients



Spirulina weight loss

Spirulina is commonly referred to as a “superfood” because it contains a wide variety of nutrients. Proteins, chlorophyll, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. It is, therefore, the perfect recipe for a weight loss program and can be consumed as a tablet, capsule, or in powder form.

The body will feel hungry because it requires to fulfil its own nutrient needs. Consumption of poor quality food triggers an appetite response from the body in an effort to find what it needs.

Consuming spirulina will increase the concentration of nutrients in the body which in turn reduces cravings and hunger. This is good for losing weight because it reduces the rate at which one consumes food.

Regular consumption of spirulina is a perfect choice for building muscles and is a low-carb diet because it has high protein levels. The protein content in spirulina is easily absorbed in the body. Its absorption rate is about four times higher than that of beef, which is a frequently used protein source. This can, therefore, build lean muscles, when the digestible protein in spirulina, is combined with a sound exercise plan.

A recommended intake of spirulina tablets provides the necessary nutritional needs without resulting into caloric consequences. As compared to beef, spirulina will provide adequate calories of about 3.9 for each gram of protein. Beef, on the other hand, provides about 65 calories for each gram of protein, and this is too much for a healthy development of the body.


Omega-3 fatty acids and GLA are found abundantly in spirulina. They are only comparable to those that are found in breast milk. They are useful for brain development and help in the regulation of blood sugar which in turn controls insulin levels in the body. This process minimizes carbohydrate levels in the body and this helps one to reduce weight.


Hawaiian Spirulina

Hawaiian spirulina is commonly known as spirulina pacifica in scientific terms. It is an algae specie that is bred in open shallow ponds located near the Pacific Ocean that contains a mixture of both sea and fresh water. It has been scientifically proven that the consumption of this spirulina is the best way of obtaining adequate amounts of essential minerals and vitamins. This, thus, provides a number of health benefits to the body.


Here are some of those benefits:

  1. Hawaiian spirulina is an antioxidant

Hawaiian spirulina contains high concentrations of antioxidants which prevent cell damage. Some of these antioxidants include beta carotene, echinenone, myxoxanthophyll, and beta cryptoxanthin. These antioxidants are useful in anti-cancer and anti-aging effects because they are able to protect body cells from damage.

  1. Hawaiian spirulina lowers cholesterol levels

Consumption of Hawaiian spirulina helps one to lower the level of cholesterol in the body since it contains beta carotene. It has the ability to suppress cholesterol oxidation which leads to lower cholesterol levels.

  1. Hawaiian spirulina prevents the development of cancer

This type of spirulina is useful in the fight against cancer since it contains high concentration levels of GLA that prevent the development of some forms of cancer and tumors especially those associated with the bladder.


  1. Hawaiian spirulina improves iron deficiency

This type of spirulina contains high levels of iron that is able to boost levels of iron in the body. By doing so, it invigorates the body from the weakness and fatigue that is caused by anemia, which is a condition associated with low levels of iron in the body.

  1. Hawaiian spirulina removes candida

Candida species are those that are found in an individual’s oral cavity, vagina or gastrointestinal tract. These species create a microfloral imbalance in the body and makes one to be susceptible to illness and disease.

However, the presence of this imbalance need not lead to early death because Hawaiian spirulina is a powerful anti-microbial agent that deals effectively with candida.

It is able to enhance the growth of healthy bacterial flora in one’s intestines and this prevents the growth of candida in the body. It is also able to eliminate candida cells once they start developing.

  1. Hawaiian spirulina is able to manage HIV/AIDS

Studies have revealed that the consumption of this type of algae has a big role to play in the reduction of HIV/AIDS prevalence in the population. This is evidenced by low HIV/AIDS prevalence rates in countries like Chad, Korea, and Japan, where Hawaiian spirulina is heavily consumed.

  1. Hawaiian spirulina boosts energy

Hawaiian spirulina is is widely known as an energy booster due to its chemical composition. In most instances, it is highly recommended by doctors to give one a healthy boost especially in situations of fatigue and tiredness. It is usually mixed with lime juice and then frozen to provide maximum effect. It is able to enhance energy performance by releasing sugar from the body cells.

By freezing the mixture, the cold that comes from the ice is able to boost the body’s metabolic energy which jump starts the body’s metabolic activities.



The spirulina plant is a super food which provides many benefits for the healthy functioning of the body. It can be found in different forms including as a tablet, powder or even as a capsule. Regular intake of this plant species helps one avoid a myriad of diseases and illnesses in addition to increasing one’s energy levels. It is also useful in a weight loss program because it helps the body to burn excess fats in an effective manner. Although the standard spirulina and the Hawaiian spirulina are two different species, they nevertheless have the same ingredients that help the body to stay healthy and well built.


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