How to Successfully Lose Weight

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In this article we will try to find an answer on famous question and that is How to Lose Weight fast. One of the world’s greatest misconceptions about weight loss is that it can happen magically overnight or in just a couple of days. The truth is, sustainable weight loss can never occur in a day, even if it happens, then it is exclusively self-destructive.  Nevertheless, it is possible to get on a weight loss regimen and begin to see some changes in your weight in a matter of weeks. So if you are pretty curious and anxious enough and cannot wait to start shedding off those extra pounds, stay put, and buckle up for a bumpy ride ahead.

how to lose weight

There are some legit ways out there on how to lose weight without any pain, regimens and programs that will help you significantly improve your diet, streamline your exercises or workouts and to help you shed off weight the right way. It has also been proven that for optimal results, one needs to combine some programs to get you the desired expectations. Getting on a healthy weight loss diet, doing the right recommended workouts, living a stress-free life and taking the right weight loss supplements could get you far.

How to lose weight

Here are some of the ways  that will help you lose weight naturally:

Schedule drinking two glasses of water before meals

Taking the recommended amount of water in a day can be very helpful in improving and promoting digestion among other essential benefits. Research has proven that taking two glasses of water just before meals can significantly help in controlling the amount of food that one consumes. This is because the water will fill your stomach, making it impossible for you to overeat as your stomach already feels full. It is, therefore, imperative that in your pursuit to lose weight, that you incorporate this tip, always schedule drinking two glasses of water before meals.

how to lose weight fast

Avoid skipping breakfast

Skipping breakfast is not recommended because your body will be fooled into thinking that it is starving. The body will then quickly start to conserve as much energy as possible by slowing down critical biochemical processes such as metabolism.  Also, the insulin response in the body will increase markedly, meaning that the next food you eat will cause an overwhelming amount of sugar or glucose in your blood. The problem here is that if that occurs, then not very long afterwards you will be feeling hungry and will want to grab anything within your reach. As a matter of fact, it is recommended that even if you are not hungry, you might want to eat something at the break of dawn. Holley Grainger, a registered dietitian, recommends eating a little protein & fiber such as overnight oatmeal, yogurt parfait, and avocado toast with scrambled eggs, a green smoothie or perhaps yester night’s leftovers.

Avoid making dinner the heaviest meal of the day

Weight loss related research suggests clearly that people that tend to eat large meals later in the day lose just a little weight compared to those that have their larger meals early in the day. This is because the human body digests food different at various times of the day, as a matter of fact, digestion is slower at night.  A lot of folks get this point wrong, probably due to some myth or traditional beliefs that the largest and heaviest meal should be supper, or better yet at night. So, they will eat just a little or even skip breakfast, eat sparingly at lunchtime and then overeat during dinner. What they do not know is that all that food will not be broken down and assimilated completely; therefore, the excess food will end up being converted and stored under the skin as fat. Digestion is much faster during early hours of the day, and so it would make much sense if you were to change your diet regimen.

Instead of focusing on eating fewer carbohydrates and less fat, eat more fruits and vegetables

Many people work so hard to eat fewer carbs as well as just a little fat in their diet, but their focus is on the wrong side. If only they would shift their attention and energy into eating more and more vegetables as well as fruits, they would begin to appreciate the results much sooner than later. The reason is that fresh fruit and vegetables will fill you up on the right nutrients and fiber essential for normal body functioning. They will fill you up and leave you feeling satisfied instead of sorely depriving your body by following a bunch of complicated, restrictive rules.

Cut down on sodas and other sugar-sweetened drinks

Soda and other sugar-sweetened drinks are full of calories that will negatively affect your weight loss program.  So the more you take, the more calories you add to your body, therefore, cutting down on these drinks can be such an amazing and a powerful way to reduce the caloric intake levels.  Drinking the right kind of fluids such as water and if need be, you can make your natural juice at home from fruits or even smoothies.  Try cutting down on soda and the other related sugar-sweetened drinks, and you will be glad you did.

Try substituting your usual dessert with fruit instead

Cementing your meals with the right choice of fiber-rich fruits can give you amazing results in as far as losing weight is concerned.  So instead of the usual ice cream and the classic dessert with extra fat and some added sugars, you can try taking a fruit instead. The fruits will get you filled up with fibers and the right nutrients, instead of a having a dessert full of calories.

Getting enough sleep

Getting a good night sleep on every night will effectively help promote the weight loss program. Lack of enough sleep possesses an absolute risk of gaining extra weight. It all starts pretty innocently after you never had enough sleep and then you begin to feel drowsy at work. What happens? You will immediately reach for that cup of coffee and a doughnut for a quick shot of energy. Later own you might skip the gym to pick up some fast food on your way home, no time to cook. When you go to bed, you find yourself wounding up to sleep. It becomes a vicious cycle, and before you know it, your waistline and average health are wanting. You suddenly realize that you have gained up so much weight that you never had from the beginning.

Eliminating salty snacks

The reason is simple, these salty snacks such as chips or pretzels, end up promoting water retention which will puff you up. Your body will begin to reserve as much water as possible, leaving you all swollen up. Instead, you could try snacking on carrot sticks, cucumbers that will leave you all hydrated and less bloated. Try sticking with water, fresh vegetables and fruits, lean protein and unsalted nuts. They will leave you feeling energized without any indigestion issues such as bloating, constipation, etc. They will all, in the long run, help you cut down on your weight much sooner than later.

Exercise on a regular basis

Effective exercising will require a lot of discipline and dedication from your part, pick a particular program and stick to it. It will all depend on the specific exercise program that you choose, but you will have to be going to the gym three to four times every week. Doing such things as warm up, lifting weights and doing stretches can get you started and psyched up for those high-intensity workouts in the future. Lifting weights promote burning of calories and will also prevent the slowing down of metabolism, which is a very common side-effect for losing weight.  Studies have also shown that you will gain some small muscles in the process, which is an excellent thing as it will displace that extra fat in your body.

How to lose weight and natural

For those individuals that struggle or do not prefer weight lifting, doing some other lighter cardio workouts such as swimming, running, walking or jogging can suffice.  The real emphasize here is that you stay on track, stick to your workout program and you will begin appreciating the results.


How to lose weight and natural

In addition to the above ways or tips of losing weight, some proven supplements are 100% organic and natural with no side effects. They work pretty well by reducing appetite, reducing absorption and increasing fat metabolism. Top on the list is Garcinia Cambogia, an amazing plant that is a powerful and instrumental in weight loss. There are lots of reviews and studies that have been performed on Garcinia Cambogia that are purely legit.  Other popular weight loss pills and supplements in the market today include: Orlistat,  Hydroxycut, Raspberry Ketones, Green Coffee bean extract, caffeine, Meratrim, Glucomannan, conjugated linoleic acid, green tea extract, forskolin and bitter orange/synephrine. Always take your time, do as much research as possible on the internet before you choose to settle on any particular supplement.


Conclusion and writers verdict

Incorporating all the above methods and ways of losing weight will help get you on track within no time.  Furthermore, some other additional methods or tips will help you lose weight include:

    Eating a high protein rich breakfast.

    Selecting the right foods that will promote your weight loss desire.

    Eating soluble fibers that are essential in reducing fat especially the belly fat.

    Drinking coffee or tea; the caffeine in them is crucial in boosting metabolism.

    Eating mostly whole and unprocessed foods.

    Eating food slowly.

    Serving your food into smaller plates.

what to eat to lose weight

It is possible to lose weight, but you have to be ready to work. Gaining weight is easy but losing it is the real deal. Optimal results cannot be achieved overnight and so dedication and discipline will be required. You might have to do an overhaul of your entire life for the better. Significant lifestyle changes such as changes in your eating habits, sleeping patterns, exercise and other sedentary lifestyle behaviors will have to be made. Be smart enough, to screen on all those weight loss magic programs and supplements being promoted out there on the internet. Do not buy anything that you are not thoroughly informed about, especially on how they work and the possible side effects. Do not just be fooled or carried away by how fast you can lose weight, do your homework well. A lot of folks have been deceived into buying some so called weight loss magical programs and supplements only to regret afterwards. Finally, one weight loss product might work for another person and fail to work for you, so again, do your research well.


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