What is Bulletproof Coffee?

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Bulletproof coffee could sound like ammunition coffee or coffee that is proof to bullets but not so. A bullet is a small metal object that is fired from a gun, cylindrical in shape and sometimes containing explosives. The word bulletproof coffee could have been inspired by the shape of the coffee beans used in the producing of the coffee itself but far from the gun bullet as it were. This is a type of coffee that is branded consisting of some upgraded black coffee beans mixed with unsalted grass fed butter and a complex brain octane oil. Apart from the Bulletproof coffee that is the major focus here, the following are types of common coffee; Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano, Caffe Latte, Cafe Au Lait, Cafe Mocha (Mocha chino), Caramel Macchiato among other less known or common types.




Bulletproof coffee is made from upgraded coffee beans, brain octane oil and  unsalted grass fed butter. This type of coffee is easy to prepare or rather make and can be done in few minutes in the following few steps:

  1. Make coffee.

Brew (to be mixed with hot water as of tea or coffee and become ready to drink) coffee as normally done using a metal filter particularly.

  1. Preheat the blender.

Heat extra water to the point where it forms bubbles and turns to steam or vapor;while your coffee brews to preheat the blender, pour it into a blender.

  1. Froth.

Get rid of the hot water from the now preheated blender and add the brewed coffee, butter, and brain octane oil. Mix it until a latte will be formed or a thick layer of a mass of tiny air bubbles on the surface of the mixture. The stronger the blender the better it will be. A spoon might not work or rather won’t work.


You can add  vanilla, cinnamon, a sweetener like Stevia or dark chocolate. All these additions are optional and it, therefore, depends on an individual otherwise, some people prefer their mocha.

Now you can go ahead and enjoy your pure blended high performance buzz from your mug of bulletproof coffee as you watch your favorite basketball team thrash their opponents or seated on the balcony watching the birds and the surrounding environment with great awe of the goodness and love for the creator of the universe or just enjoy it seated in your well-trimmed garden meditating on the word of God upon your life. Bulletproof coffee powers you and you will not have any excuse for not having things done excellently, accurately and on time. Better still when taken in the morning you are sure to a lively day and strength throughout your daily activities outdoor or even in the office.



A calorie is a unit for measuring how much energy food will produce sometimes raw and even when cooked. Bulletproof coffee, therefore, has calories and this might depend on the quantity prepared at a particular point, better still these very calories can be told as from the ingredients used but for this particular purpose we will check the calories in a cup of bulletproof coffee. A cup of normal black upgraded bulletproof coffee contains basically or roughly one calorie. Upgraded brain octane oil contains one hundred and thirty calories (130) per tablespoon serving and the unsalted butter contains like a hundred (100) calories per tablespoon serving, putting in mind that the standard bulletproof coffee requires one (1) or  two (2) tablespoons upgraded brain octane oil and one (1) or two (2) tablespoons grass-fed, unsalted butter considering all these measurements then, a single cup of bulletproof coffee ranges from two hundred and thirty-one (231) or four hundred and sixty-one (461) calories.




The coffee was designed to be for a person who is trying to lose weight on diet as the first meal of the day. After taking the bulletproof coffee, all other meals during the day should be sugar-free and gluten free. When one sticks and follows this diet persistently, then the extra weight or pounds will fall off. Bulletproof coffee works as a catalyst (a substance that makes a reaction happen faster than it would have naturally), to the burning of excess calories and fats in the body that cause obesity or overweight cases.

It is efficient when the user is consistent and persistent not to use it and still pump his or her body with sugars and gluten contained foods. As concerning weight loss, take as much bulletproof coffee in the morning. You can have another cup or mug of the same coffee in the afternoon or 2 PM to be precise if you feel hungry and thereafter no more coffee after 2 PM or you won’t have good sleep. You might also do a few exercises just to add up or speed up the already ongoing weight loss process by the bulletproof coffee consumption. Remember the exercise is optional.




Bulletproof coffee has definite benefits and just to mention, despite the name, it does not give you any superpowers;

Bulletproof coffee increases or boosts your energy that lasts for hours.

Like other coffees, bulletproof coffee does not cause more caffeine cravings or headaches.

Bulletproof coffee causes an ability to focus on productive work for hours that the other type of coffees cannot give.

The use of grass fed butter (as an ingredient in the making of bulletproof coffee) is higher than the use of grain fed butter. Grass fed butter contains omega 3 fatty acids (which lowers blood pressure for people with hypertension, prevents heart diseases, it also lowers fats in the blood and so forth), beta carotene ,vitamin A (for healthy skin, good eye health and vision, and our immune system among others), vitamin K (helps in blood clotting which prevents excessive bleeding), vitamin D (maintenance of healthy bones and teeth, support the health of the immune system, brain, and nervous system aids diabetes management, support lung function and cardiovascular health and so forth), vitamin E (it helps in the healing process of the skin, it helps also in treating scars, acne and wrinkles and much more), and antioxidants (substances that inhibit oxidation, especially one used to counteract the deterioration of stored food products ). Grass fed butter is sunny yellow in color while the grain fed butter is white in color this is a difference in the two kinds of butter.


Grass fed butter is high in butyrate, a short chain fatty acid which prevents and decreases inflammations in humans, it also helps the tube in the body through which food passes when it leaves the stomach work right, and it might also be important for the tubes’ related diseases from autoimmunity to one being very fat in an unhealthy way to colon (the main part of the large intestines’-part of the bowels) cancer.

The use of butter, and especially when blended, gives the coffee a most delicious, creamy, rich texture and flavor. In addition to that, it also helps to keep an individual fully and sufficiently satisfied for hours not forgetting its effect on curbing the cravings caused sometimes by the other coffees.

Bulletproof coffee is also beneficial as an alternative drink or beverage. It adds to the variety of drinks for breakfast or just a drink to enjoy as you would another.

It is vital in helping the body fats to become liquid like melt as a result of heating.

The Brain Octane Oil in the bulletproof coffee once taken quickly provides mental and physical energy, that gives your body the ability to function and keep you satisfied and free from a strong desire for foods. Brain Octane Oil also serves to increase ketone production and enhances the metabolic processes, this promotes mental stability.


Bulletproof coffee also helps in the process by which knowledge and understanding is developed in the mind and starts or causes weight loss through ketosis (a metabolic state characterized by raised levels of ketone bodies in the body tissues, which is typically pathological in conditions such as diabetes, or may be the consequence of a diet that is very low in carbohydrates, it is a normal metabolic process, something the body does to keep working. When it does not have enough carbohydrates from food for your cells to burn for energy, it burns fat instead. As part of this process, it makes ketones), whereby some of the body’s’ energy supply originates from ketone bodies (three water-soluble molecules from fatty acids that are made by the liver during periods of starvation, carbohydrates restrictive diets, low food intake, prolonged intense exercise, or in untreated type 1 diabetes mellitus)in the blood.


As much as bulletproof coffee has the benefits listed above, it has a few disadvantages that result from continued engagement with it and it won’t be proper to hide the downsides:

Firstly, bulletproof coffee can erode the chemical processes in your system that converts food into energy and materials necessary for growth and development through a difficult to get rid of, unconscious calorie restriction.

Secondly, bulletproof coffee, when taken as a food or meal replacement can extremely and suddenly reduce nutrient intake and possibly lead to deficiencies in the body reason being the failure to change or branch out from a certain kind of food usually leads to nutrition issues. In this case, bulletproof coffee seems easy, fast, and convenient therefore making it easy to abuse too.


Another downside is the consumption of bulletproof coffee could result in negative health outcomes because of the saturated fats drained down the throats of many as coffee and might just lodge again internally to start new ailments. Therefore, you ought to understand both sides of bulletproof coffee and make an informed choice henceforth.

Generally, considering the ingredients used to make this kind of coffee, apart from it just being another kind of tea or coffee or even juice; it has many other nutritional values as seen above which are very necessary for the body growth, alertness, and energy. This is the most important choice drink for teachers or entrepreneurs or any other professionals that engage the person working and needed enough energy and strength to survive the day.



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