Whey Protein: the King of all Protein Powders

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Protein can be found in all forms and types but the most renowned are Whey protein. It is regarded as the best nutritional supplement because of its many benefits in muscle development. A type of protein that is widely used by gym users and sports people and therefore has become a common supplement in sporting circles. This has made this type of protein to undergo various scientific scrutiny which has resulted in a huge volume of scientific literature concerning Whey protein.



What is whey protein?

Previously, Whey was considered as a waste by-product of curd and cheese manufacturing. It found in cow’s milk and forms about 20% of content in the milk. The industrial production of curd and cheese undergoes the process of pasteurization, incubation, and inoculation, whereby the Rennet extract is added. This addition helps the milk to coagulate and this separates it into curd and Whey.

The mixture which is newly separated is then filtered and neutralized using nitric acid. By continuously filtering the liquid whey, its protein concentration goes down to about 80%. However, this percentage can be increased to about 90% by microfiltration. This resultant liquid whey is then spray dried to form the whey protein powder.

At this stage, the whey is known as whey concentrate as it still contains a certain percentage of fats and carbohydrates. In this form, it can have up to 90%  total proteins. However, most of the whey proteins nutritional supplements found in sporting circles contain about 70%-80% protein levels.


Nonetheless, there is also a variation on whey proteins depending on the manufacturing processes that they have undergone. Isolate whey protein is the type of protein where, water, lactose, and cholesterol have been removed and this increases the protein level to about 95%.


Best whey protein for women

Protein powder is useful for women because it has many uses including weight loss, muscle repair or increase protein intake. Sufficient protein intake is essential for the good health of individuals which is helpful in ensuring women get the most of this nutrients. However, there is a difficulty when it comes to seeking the best protein source for women. The simple fact is that the protein supplement sector focuses mainly on catering the protein needs of men at the expense of women.

For a woman to choose the most suitable protein she needs to consider the following factors.

  • Easy to mix
  • Should be drinkable and tasty
  • Should be affordable


Currently, whey protein is regarded as the most suitable protein supplement for women. It is said to contain a lot of proteins per dollar. It contains essential amino acids and has a wonderful taste. Its various constituents are useful in building and repairing muscles in addition to helping one feel more energized. Moreover, whey proteins are important for faster recovery.


There are three types of whey proteins powders which are suitable for women:

  1. BSN Syntha 6 – this is a whey protein powder that provides a continuous stream of nutrients that the body needs to optimize recovery and performance. It contains a mixture of six different proteins including essential ingredients for slowing down digestion to allow for a continuous protein intake.
  2. MuscleTech Phase 8 – this is a whey protein powder that is well balanced and is able to provide a continuous stream of proteins. It also delivers biological value to the body. A service of this protein powder can last for up to about 8 hours of amino acid provision and thus energize the body for longer,
  3. Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard – this is a whey protein powder of high quality which is suitable for women. This product is widely recognized and has received many awards due to its effectiveness.



Grass fed whey protein

This is the most significant and natural way of increasing the quantity of protein in your diet. This type of whey is so different from other nutritional supplements because it comes directly from healthy cows with the freshest grass fed whey protein, therefore, comes from cows which feed on grass and which produce the fresh milk that is acceptable and appropriate for human consumption. In this type of sports supplement the  BCAA or Brain chain amino acids can be found. This type of protein powder has several benefits which are missing from other protein powders.

Most protein powders in the market emphasize on performance. On the contrary,  grass fed whey protein incorporates many other benefits which bring out positive health benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  1. It is natural

The way grass fed whey protein is created greatly determines how beneficial it turns out to be. This type of whey is created in a suitable environment and this makes it possible for it to maintain its active ingredients. Because grass-fed whey comes from the natural environment its end product packs the most natural and active ingredients that the body requires. It contains Vitamin A and E which are important for muscle development and maintains a glowing and healthy skin condition.


  1. Environmentally friendly

Cows are known to be the greatest producers of the methane gas. This gas is a great contributor to greenhouse gasses which plays a huge role in climate change and cause damage to our planet.

However, by allowing cows to feed on grass, the production of methane gas is greatly reduced. One can, therefore, do a great favor to the environment by purchasing grass-fed whey protein. Cows that are fed with genetically modified feeds tend to increase the amount of methane produced by cows.

  1. Untainted protein source

Grass fed whey protein helps to build and enhance muscle development. This is a good thing because it comes from a source that is natural. However, there are other feeds which are usually sprayed with pesticides and herbicides whose final product is tainted distasteful and unhealthy. However, the final product for grass fed whey protein is healthy and fit for human consumption.

  1. Fat burning tendencies

Cows that feed on natural grass without chemicals are said to develop high levels of CLA. this is a fatty acid that is useful for burning unwanted fats in the human body. CLA have all the necessary properties that are needed to erode excess fat from the body. CLA has also been associated with cancer treatment and prevention.


On the other hand, cows fed with grass that is heavily sprayed with chemicals or with genetically modified foods, tend to produce whey proteins with very reduced amounts of GLA. The removal of excess fats from the body promotes leaner muscles and a good appearance.

  1. Promotion of improved animal care

Protein sources that come from cows that feed on natural grass are beneficial to your body and that of the animal itself. This type of protein is able to help in muscle development. The healthy grass boosts the animal’s immune system and prevents the occurrence of avoidable illnesses and diseases. Purchasing grass fed whey not only promotes the healthy care of these animals but also helps in improved awareness of the benefits of grass-fed whey protein.

For an individual to promote a healthy appearance and demeanour it is necessary for him/her to include grass fed whey protein as part of his/her diet. This goes a long way in ensuring that one gets the necessary ingredients to develop one’s muscle as well as improving your appearance for the better.

It also improves your health by shedding off unwanted fats from the body and maintaining the body’s physical as well as circulatory condition. This creates a healthy state of mind which helps in increasing happiness in an individual’s life.


Whey proteins side effects

When used in the right manner, whey protein becomes a safe supplement. However, care should be taken not to over consume this supplement. This is because it might lead to a number of side effects which are mainly caused by overconsumption of proteins especially when associated with low carbohydrates intake.


  1. Can lead to excess fat

Whey proteins are useful for muscle development and therefore it constitutes certain amounts of carbohydrates and fats. It is, therefore, advisable to reduce the amount of food that you use when taking whey proteins because the additional proteins, fats, and carbohydrates are bound to add excess fats to your body. You should not also confuse whey protein used by bodybuilders and the normal one since it has a lot of carbohydrates and fats which can be harmful to you.

  1. Can develop kidney stones

It is often debated that proteins have the ability to cause kidney stones. Even though these postulations are not conclusive, it is also known that proteins cannot prevent the accumulation of kidney stones. It is, therefore, important to take lots of fiber and water when using whey protein to avoid the formation and accumulation of kidney stones.

Kidney stones can be avoided when one uses a balanced supplement which is not whole food protein. It is also advisable to take a balanced diet when you are using whey protein supplement. This enables one to balance his nutrient intake and avoid over consumption of proteins at the expense of other vital nutrients. Your protein consumption should be limited to your specific requirements.

  1. Digestive problems

Whey protein contains lactose, a dairy product which has a tendency of creating digestive problems, especially to sensitive individuals. Lactose affects most adults and one need not be intolerant to lactose to have this problem. It is better to use a whey concentrate if you notice any kind of sensitivity to the product. The whey concentrate is specifically designed by removing much of the lactose that causes digestive problems.



Whey protein supplement is a highly nutritious and healthy supplement that is not only used in the sporting circles but also by normal people who want to benefit from it. This supplement has any benefits which make it famous among the various types of protein sources. However, like any good thing, whey protein has also some side effects. This is mainly caused by overconsumption of proteins, lack of a balanced diet and the presence of lactose in the supplement. There are also special types of whey proteins which are specially designed for the womenfolk.

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